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In Her Own Words: Raiderette Summer retires her white boots and silver sash

As the Raiderettes say goodbye to 12 retiring dancers, here is Raiderette Summer's send-off to Raider Nation in her own words.


"To say I have worn the iconic Raiderette Uniform with the white boots and silver sash, stood on the same field as some of the best NFL players, and cheered in front of the loudest fans is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I wish I had become a part of the team long ago to have been able to cheer more years, but nevertheless I am humbled by the wonderful three years I had with Football's Fabulous Females. I am so grateful to now be part of a legacy and to always be a part of the Raiders family. Now when I see anyone in Raiders gear, I can't help myself but yell "Raaaiiddeerrrrssss". The fans are some of the most supportive people I have ever met. One of my favorite parts of being a Raiderette was the community events we helped out at. The joy we are able to give people was surreal.

Thank you to our Directors for showcasing us as intelligent beautiful women who have passions and goals. Being able to share about my boys or about a cause I care about due to personal experience has been something I have been so incredibly grateful for. Thank you to my husband and mom for supporting me every step of the way! I would not have been able to be a Raiderette without them. I never have had a sister, so it feels so good to be a part of a sisterhood from shared experiences and a shared love for performing. Once a Raiderette, always a Raiderette. Most of all I will miss the roar of Raider Nation in the Oakland Coliseum while standing on the red dirt, but I cannot wait to experience the roar of Raider Nation in the beautiful Allegiant Stadium! See you there Raider Nation!


As finalists prepare for the 2020 Raiderette Final Auditions, the Raiderettes would like to honor the 12 dancers who will be hanging up their boots and pom-poms this upcoming season.

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