Inside Chris Smith's emotional year of grief and grace

The story of the tragedy that befell Chris Smith and his family was all over the news, but you may have forgotten the details.

In September of 2019, while driving home from a restaurant with his girlfriend, Smith's car blew a tire and crashed into the concrete barrier on I-90 in Cleveland. As he and his girlfriend Petara Cordero were surveying the damage to Smith's SUV, a second car struck and killed Cordero.

It was the kind of senseless catastrophe that leaves loved ones wondering why and how something like that could've happened, and Smith's calendar year since has been one of grief and grace.

Sports Illustrated's daily cover on Thursday is dedicated to that story — from that night in Cleveland to being cut by the Browns to ultimately joining the Las Vegas Raiders and being activated last Sunday in time to sack Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

It's a moving piece and well worth your time: