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International Fan of the Week


Alonso Chapa at Qualcomm Stadium for Super Bowl XXXVII.

"The Autumn Wind is a pirate, blustering in from sea…" I always get excited when I hear "The Battle Hymn of the Raider Nation" [The Autumn Wind] and I constantly have dreams that I am listening to it from the Black Hole in the Oakland Coliseum.

My name is Alonso Chapa from Monterrey, Mexico, and I am the Raiders biggest international fan because I grew up watching one of the greatest teams in Raiders history. Since then, I live Silver and Black every day and I apply Tom Flores' quote "A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance," to my current life. I'll never forget when I saw Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen and Howie Long win Super Bowl XVIII and sing the song "We wear the silver, we wear the black, don't get in our way."

I constantly keep updated on the team and have been a supporter since I was born. I had the opportunity to travel with my family to Super Bowl XXXVII and watched my favorite players Tim Brown, Charles Woodson, and Rich Gannon.

I am looking forward to this Raiders season and I am sure they are going to be the best in the West. I hope I have Darren McFadden and Zach Miller on my fantasy team this year because I believe that they are going to have their best season.

I'm proud to be an Oakland Raider or as I say in Spanish "soy un adicto de los Malosos de Oakland."

Alonso will receive a 3'x5' Raiders logo flag, and a photo of and signed by Hall of Famer Willie Brown. Click here to find out how to enter the International Fan of the Week Contest.

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