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International Fan of the Week


My name is Mario M. Guerrero Cherem. I am 29 years old, from Mexico City, and I work in general surgery at the moment. I have been following the Raiders since I can remember.

The first time I saw them live was actually in Mexico City at Aztec Stadium, where they played a preseason against the Dallas Cowboys.

Two years ago, I saved some money and invited my father to a Raiders game against the Broncos. One day before the game, we decided to go to San Francisco, and when we wandered into a store we met Jeff Barnes, a former Raider linebacker, who was signing autographs for charity.

The next day we headed to the Colliseum, where I won an auction for a Ken Stabler signed picture. We had to return to the hotel to drop it there when we saw Mr. Al Davis arriving to the stadium.

Before the game started, I had the chance to take a picture with a Raiderette Kathleen. Sadly they lost the game, but we had revenge later on that season.

When I returned to Mexico I had the oportunity to meet Jeff Jaeger on Facebook. I was searching for my sister's husband whose last name is Jaeger, and Jeff appeared on the results, so I decided to add him. He actually posted a comment on the picture we took of Al Davis. After that we became buddies and we talk from time to time about football (he sent me an autographed jersey too!).

Next October I will celebrate my 30th year as a Raider fan and I'm already planning to celebrate it at the Colliseum!

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