J.J. Nelson hosts reddit AMA

Pick your poison - going deep, making a catch across the middle, or, a bubble screen and then making plays with the ball in your hands?JN: The bubble screen. I've caught plenty of deep balls in my day. I haven't really had a catch where I've caught a shallow cross or a bubble like that in a long time. I'm looking forward to showing my speed on that.

From: JotunR

Any good recipes you could share with us?

Outside of the chicken plan, obviously.

JN: Oh, yeah. Fried chicken. I'm pretty good with fried chicken.

I think I probably have the best bacon, too. The secret? Crispy. Keep it crispy.

From: redditUser

What's your favorite sandwich?
JN: Oooh... Can I say, like, a burger?

I'd probably have to say the double ButterBurger with cheese and bacon on it from Culver's. It's really, really, really, really good.

2things you like about the offense

2things you need to improve on

JN: 1. Everything. I mean, I could run any route at any given time. I feel like that helps me put more pressure on the defensive backs and guys that I go against because most of the time, most of the routes that I've run have been deep routes and things of that nature. So just being able to mix it up and run different types of routes and prove that I can run those effectively... I love that.

2. Consistency. Just consistency. And staying healthy. It's a long season and just staying consistent is hard. Even the greats have had games where, like, "I gotta pick it up next week." Here in this life things happen.

From: Davidhern22

What's up JJ who was your favorite receiver growing up and why ?

JN: Randy Moss. He's the GOAT.

Is Trent Brown as massive in person as he looks?

JN: Oh, man. I'm glad you asked.

The funniest thing happened today during practice [with the Rams]. The Ram players were talking about his jersey. He's got this HUGE jersey. And it's like super long. And if it's super long on HIM, imagine what it looks like on them. It's like a 5X tee. [laughs]

And it's crazy because sometimes I'm in the huddle, and I stand next to him, and I be wanting someone to get that picture. [laughs]

From: tonyg831

What's good, JJ? Glad to have you on the squad this year. I'm excited to see you burn DBs and catching bombs from DC for some tubs this season.

In your opinion, who is the best DB you've ever gone up against?

JN: Patrick Peterson, going up against him every day in practice. I got respect for Pat.

From: jrnicho

Thank you for taking the time to do this JJ. What do you miss the most about Alabama? What is the most surprising thing about being in Oakland? The city and the team. Thank you again. Go Nation!

JN: My family. I miss my family. I miss the food. I miss my friends.

And Oakland? Yeah, man. The traffic. And there's so many food choices to choose from, it's ridiculous! It be so hard to choose. Because you don't want to eat at the same restaurant every day but trying to find one restaurant you like is hard.

From: redditUser

Hey, JJ! So happy to have you in the team this year, looking forward to watching you light it up out there with DC. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

My question is, when you decide that you want to move on from football as a player, what do you think will be next for you? Would you like to stay around the game (coach, scout, etc), or do you have something entirely different planned, or maybe a mix of both?

JN: I've thought about coaching, but you brought up scout, and I like that idea. But maybe that, yeah. Some coaching, all that. Stay close to the game.

Hi JJ!

I remember being really excited for you when you got drafted being that I'm formerly from the Birmingham area. My question isn't really Raiders related, actually UAB. What was it like playing in the ancient relic known as Legion Field? And how does that compare to the feats of architecture you play in now? (Side note I love Legion Field so no hate lmao)

JN: Crazy thing about it, I played there in the Little League championships. I was like 7 or 8 years old. We used to play our championship games there. Never won, but it was an honor to play there. So I was there plenty of times before I was at UAB. It was nice to just be there and play on the field.

The most memorable moments? Being there winning, and having my family there. Because I'm from Birmingham. So having them in the stands for every game was so cool. Go Blazers.

[JJ would also like me to note he was wearing a UAB hoodie during this interview. Go Blazers indeed.]

JJ, how has fatherhood affected your mentality heading into a fresh season with a new team?

JN: Big time it's changed things. Having a kid — I won't say it's hard — but it change you a lot. It's like the time... you gotta give it to your kid. You can't really do the things you'd like to do [for training] on a day-to-day basis without making sure, 'OK, he's fed; he's clean.' [laughs]

As far as my mentality, it emotionally motivates me to just push through, so that his future when he gets older can be as easy as mine was growing up.

What inspiration/motivation did the passing of Cliff Branch bring to the team, specifically the WRs?

JN: Yeah, they showed us a clip. And seeing the plays that he made and the legacy he has around here... A lot of people have so much respect for him. To go as far as to say he should be in the Hall of Fame, you know that says a lot for a player. For anybody. I'd take that any day. That's big time.