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Jackson Helping Solidfy O-Line


Q: The first part of the season you've graded out pretty well, what do you think has helped you with the transition from being in college last year to now starting on this offensive line?**

Jackson:"Just taking good coaching. We have a great offensive line coach. My teammates on the offensive line, especially the older guys that take their time and help me out through the whole process, from training camp until now."

Q: As an offensive line you guys seem to be coming together pretty well, Derek [Carr] has only been sacked three times this year. What has been the key for you guys in keeping him upright and giving him time to get the ball out and getting it where it needs to go?

Jackson:"Just focusing on getting the job done. At practice working hard on it and understanding what they're going to be doing and studying film and seeing what their moves are and what they like to do on third down and all that. Just focusing on the small things."

Q: Last week the run game got going for the first time all season, so what do you attribute that to?

Jackson:"I think we had a different approach coming into that game, just to be more physical up front and just dominate. That was what we tried to do."

Q: This week, with Arizona coming into town, they have guys like Tommy Kelly and Frostee Rucker, so what have you seen from them that you guys need to focus on to keep progressing like you have been?

Jackson:"Just like anybody else, just preparing and seeing what they're good at, and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Just trying to counter them and just still dominate no matter who it is."

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