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Jackson: "We just have to keep pushing"


Q: For the most part, the offensive line has been one of the more consistent units on the team, excluding last week where you guys didn't have your best game. How do you think that moving forward you guys, going into Seattle, can right the ship and get back to doing what you guys have done so well? Keeping Derek [Carr] upright and protecting him.**

Jackson:"We just have to keep doing what we're doing, and that's taking coaching and trying to get better every day."

Q: Seattle is considered to have one of the biggest home-field advantages in the NFL. How are you as an offensive line going to deal with the crowd noise and that crazy environment coming at you, especially for you as a rookie?

Jackson:"The main thing is just don't get too overwhelmed with it. The coaches do a good job preparing us for the crowd noise and the things outside, so just know what we have to do and know the game plan before we get there and just going out there and execute."

Q: I know you guys haven't come away with a win yet, but do you see, especially on the offensive line, progress from day to day and practice to practice?

Jackson:"Oh yeah. I see improvement in everyone. Not just the offensive line, defensive line, quarterbacks, everybody. We just have to put it together."

Q: What is it going to take to get over the hump and get that first win of 2014 in a hostile environment like Seattle?

Jackson:"Just do what we do good and do more of it. We just have to keep pushing and keep working hard towards it."

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