Jackson: "You Just Have to Keep Your Focus"

Q: Going against Kansas City and a guy like Dontari Poe, what are you seeing on film?

Jackson:"He's a pretty good player. He's strong and big. He has a little, quick twist to him for a big guy and he uses his hands well."

Q: What do you have to do to go against those guys that are like 350 pounds but are also quick and athletic? What's the technique you have to use?

Jackson:"Just stick to your technique. [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] does a good job of working our technique every week and every day, so just sticking with what you know and just trust your technique and play hard."

Q: Arrowhead is known as one of the louder environments in the NFL, how excited are you to get your first taste of that on Sunday?

Jackson:"I'm very excited. Any time you get a chance to get into an environment that's like that, you try to take advantage of it and just try to silence the crowd."

Q: You had a big win last week. How do you take that and carry the momentum from that into a big game with a division rival?

Jackson:"Just knowing what and how we prepared that week and the way it translated to the field, and just try to do the same thing."

Q: Mentally or physically, do you feel like you've hit a wall, that rookie wall?

Jackson:"I wouldn't say a rookie wall. You know as you get towards the end of the season, you get a little sore, you get a little banged up, but I feel like it's just all mental. You just have to keep your focus and just stay positive and just keep working hard every day."

Q: What are some key things you've learned this season playing against the best of the best?

Jackson:"In order to be the best, you have to compete well against the best and win your one-on-one matchups, and just know you have your opportunity to make a name for yourself, so why not try to do it against a pretty good player?"

Q: How much does it help coming out of the SEC? Do you think that's also helped your transition?

Jackson:"Oh yeah, definitely. Every week in the SEC is a battle. I can be kind of biased since I came from that conference, but I feel like that's the closest you'll get to the NFL. I think that helped prepare me well."

Q: Going into that kind of environment, how much trust do you have in your quarterback to handle that? What do you do with the snap count or certain things to combat the noise?

Jackson:"A lot. Derek [Carr] does a great job of changing the protection if it needs to be changed, or just making sure we're all on the same page and just get after it."

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