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Jacoby Ford Media Session

Q: So are you 100 percent with the foot?

Ford: Yes sir, 100 percent ready to go. As soon as we start being able to run around the field, I'll definitely be out there participating full go.

Q: How has the transition to health been for you?

Ford: I've been over at Laney College with Terrelle (Pryor) and a few guys. I started just tossing the ball around out there, running in regular shoes, then transitioning into cleats.

Q: How antsy are you right now?

Ford: Pretty antsy. I just have to hone back in on everything, just get back out there and get my feet wet, get rolling again.

Q: When was your realization after your season-ending injury that you were going to be able to rehab it and get back on your feet?

Ford: I think as soon as it happened. I got the surgery and the doctor said it was worse than he thought it was. So, just getting his reassurance made me feel better. It was fine when we got the problem fixed. I'm glad to just have it behind me and get rolling now.

Q: In layman's terms, what was the injury?

Ford: It was a Lisfranc. My joints were split a little farther apart than what he thought it was. It's all fixed up now, though.

Q: Have you talked to Darren McFadden, as far as rehabbing and what it's like coming back?

Ford: We both had it. His just healed a little differently than mine. I don't know why but I'm glad he didn't have to go through the surgery process. It was one of those things that just kind of happened.

Q: There were two play-making guys on the field that were out with injury (you and McFadden). How eager are you to pair with him and get that tandem rolling again?

Ford: We're definitely eager to get back out there, because we both know how explosive this offense can be, no matter who's at the helm or who's running the ball, who's going to be catching it. We have a whole bunch of weapons on this team right now, on both sides of the ball, and on special teams. So, I think just bringing this whole team together right now and having everybody here just gets everybody a little antsy and ready to go.

Q: You played a little bit in the preseason last year, but considering this is a new staff, is this like starting over?

Ford: I wouldn't say starting over. I know they're definitely eager to see me play, because I haven't played in front of them, so I'm just going to go out there and let the game come to me like I always do.

Q: What's it like after the first week of the offseason program, being back in the room with these guys?

Ford: It's fun. Last year (after the injury), I just stayed out of their way. Then, when they went to practice, I came in and did my rehab and then I would leave, just because it was hard to come here and see them out there working. I wanted to go out there. Eventually I started to come out a little more. But just to be back in the swing of things, it makes you feel like you're actually on the team again.

Q: Have you spent a lot of time introducing yourself to your new teammates?

Ford: It's weird. I think everybody's still feeling each other out. In the next few weeks, people will start hanging out a little bit more. We don't really see the defense right now very much, except in the morning when we're eating breakfast. Then we have special teams and they go to meetings while we go to lift. So, it's kind of hard to hang out with them and bond with them now but eventually we'll get to know each other a little better.

Q: How much interaction have you had with Matt Flynn?

Ford: Matt just got here. So far, he's been putting the offense together, put together formations and plays and stuff like that, just little things to help us learn this new system. Everybody has to learn it. He's definitely helped me in that process, him and Terrelle.

Q: What are your first impressions of Greg Olson as a coordinator?

Ford: I like him. He's definitely a guy that's going to take some shots downfield. He's going to stick to his scheme no matter what. I don't think he'll let a defense dictate anything he's going to do, him or our new O-line coach, (Tony) Sparano. They're both fiery guys and I definitely can't wait to get out there and play for them.

Q: The plan last year was to mix you in as a punt-returner. Is that still something you'll be doing this year?

Ford: Yeah, I definitely plan on doing punt return and kickoff return.

Q: How much difference do you see in Terrelle Pryor now compared to last summer?

Ford: His demeanor, his mechanics, how he's handling himself, just how he's throwing the ball. You can definitely tell that he wants it. That's what you want out of young quarterback like that. He's hungry. He's been waiting for his chance. This is his chance now to go out there and compete.

Q: You lost so many guys from last year's team. What's it like from inside the locker room? The national perspective is that you guys are still rebuilding.

Ford: I think we'll be fine. The front office went out and got guys that want to play for this organization this year. In our demeanor, you can just feel the vibe. It's different, but I can tell from these players that they actually want to be here. That shows in our attendance at voluntary workouts. They're learning a new defense, too. Everybody's here that wants to be here. That's going to lead us into something promising this year.

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