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Jason Campbell Media Session


*QB Jason Campbell. *Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: How much would you like to play on Satuday?

Jason Campbell: That's always a coach's decision but at the same time guys want to go out and put a good performance on film, see how much we've improved from week one, try to calm down on the penalties. That's something that hurt us week ago and something that hurt us a year ago and that's something we all definitely want to see get better and continue to execute and get better on that.

Q: Hue just told us that Murphy will likely be out for the season opener and had some type of procedure as he called it, how big of a blow is that to lose Murphy?

Campbell: I don't know how long it'll be, that's something the trainers would know, but at the same time, those injuries are always rough because you like to have all your guys out here so we can build our chemistry and continue to grow as a team and improve. But we understand that's part of the game and the guys that are behind him are getting a lot of those reps. Hopefully when we get those guys back and hopefully we don't miss a beat and keep moving. The other guys have those reps, so if they have to play, at least they know what's going on and how the offense operates.

Q: Do you remember back in Washington, the first time you saw Al Saunders 700-page playbook? What was your reaction to that?

Campbell: You know we had a lot of plays, but at the same time, we try to fit everything that fits our physical ability to make plays from a quarterback stand point and a receiver and running back stand point. The first time I saw it, it reminded me of the Websters dictionary, but now after you go through it and everything it's just paper.

Q: When is the point when you guys have to know who is going to be on the line because you're going out there with a mix and match of guys? There are times where the guys playing on the left side is a right guard, would you like to see that by the third game?

Campbell: Hopefully by the third game, but at least head into the final preseason game. I think in the first two preseason games coaches probably mix and match players just to try them out in different positions to see how it works and go from it because this is the only way you can see in preseason. But hopefully  by third week or fourth week we'll have an idea of whose going to be in our starting line ups.

Q: Starting in high school, Auburn and with the Redskins, you've had a lot of coaches, how do these guys rank on the scale of enthusiasm (coach Jackson)?

Campbell: He's up there, he's probably the most high as far as it comes to enthusiasm and energy. I think the guy drinks spark every morning mixed with coffee, but at the same time you need that, you know you come out to practice every day of the week, some days you're going to be tired and some days it's going to be extremely hard. But if you get that energy from him and its enthused into other guys, it shifts through the team and we can continue to try to fight through and push each other.

Q: They sometimes say the pros stop listening because they've heard it all before?

Campbell: There's no stopping listening to Coach Jackson. He'll call it out quick and he'll restart it if he has too, so guys really listen and guys pay attention. I think we have uniqueness about our team where guys care for one another and I can honestly say that from a stand point from being here.

Q: Are you aware that there is a guy on the 49ers who cannot wait to face you?

Campbell: That's my ex-teammate Carlos Rogers probably.  I'm pretty sure he smiling from ear to ear. All the time we used to compete in practice at Auburn and then when we were in Washington, so I'm pretty sure he can't wait. I don't think he'll get a chance to hit me, and if he does then he'll pay for it.

Q: He's new playing on that left side?

Campbell: He's always been a talented corner, Los and myself went through some tough times in Washington, and some good times and bad times, but it's good to see him get another opportunity in another place to get a fresh start. Sometimes you need that in life.

Q: He said you liked to talk a lot. I said find that hard to believe because when you come to the podium you are so mild mannered?

Campbell: When I'm away from the podium I'm a little bit talkative. I try to keep everything at a medium on the field because there are so many high and lows, people jabbing at each other and the one person that has to be constant has to be the quarterback so I accept that roll. Off the field I like to talk and eat but we'll talk about the rest later.

Q: Jason can you tell me real quick your experience with Kevin Boss so far, what does he bring, and how is he similar and somewhat different from Zach?

Campbell: You know one thing I'm trying to do with Kevin Boss is build a chemistry. With Zach I think I had an opportunity, once we hit mid season form last year, we pretty much had an idea, where he could look at me and I could look at him and we knew what each other was doing, especially during different coverage. Kevin, he's different, he comes in now and we have to get to that point where we get to know each other. Hopefully we can get there sooner than later, but he's definitely a tall guy, he's big, he's 6'6", so definitely a plus to have a guy with his kind of height  and that kind of size. And we understand everything has to come. Sometimes we want things to come faster, but we understand that's not reality and it'll get there.

Q: His hands are they there?

Campbell: He has good hands, and he's a big guy so that kind of helps him in a lot of ways. He's matched up against backers, and have the opportunity to have that extra length.

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