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Jason Hunter Chats with Media

Q: How are things going? Pretty high hopes…

Hunter: It's still going good. Right now, it's still the off-season so just trying to get my pad level right. We want to get off, just all the little details, fine tune those things. Get myself ready for when the pads come on.

Q: Have you always played on the right or are you comfortable flopping?

Hunter: I've played both. Throughout my career I've played right end and left end, so I'm comfortable in both positions.

Q: I think you were one of the guys last week, during the whole Woodson thing, that actually got out of the car. What was that whole experience like? Were you blown away by the whole scene?

Hunter: You know what, I was. When I came out and saw all those fans, I got excited. I just say, Raider Nation is in full effect and it felt good to see all the fans out there and support Charles Woodson. So I just wanted to have a little fun and just get out there and enjoy it with them.

Q: To have this defense where a lot of you guys were so called "under the radar" signings, a lot of guys that are trying to make their name here and have given a second chance, to all of a sudden to have Charles Woodson being a part of this, what does that do for the whole group?

Hunter: It feels good. The more the merrier. Charles Woodson is a great player, has a great career, made a lot of great plays, so just to have him a part of our defense is tremendous. He loves the game of football, he plays hard, practices hard. I'm excited. When I knew we were getting him, I was definitely excited because I was with him in Green Bay so I knew as a player how he plays and how he works and his work ethic, and I know how dedicated he is. I'm looking forward to seeing him go out there and have a great season.

Q: How much do you feel the 'Green Bay way' is coming to Oakland? They brought Reggie [McKenzie] in charge and you and Charles. To what degree is that 'Green Bay way' going to be implemented here? 

Hunter: We're doing things the Raider way. Yeah, we got guys that came from Green Bay but those are just great guys that want to do things the right way. It's all about winning. That's what the Raiders are used to is winning with the late owner, Mr. Al Davis. So, that's just what they bring, the same winning mentality. That's what we're here to win.

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