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Jones-Drew: "You have to pay your dues"


Jones-Drew: **"If we're able to hone those things in and execute it faster or at a level where one or two plays, we're still in these games and winning them."

Q: Did you ever have an in-season coaching change in Jacksonville before?

Jones-Drew:"Yeah, I've had a couple of those. This is my fifth one in three years."

Q: Did they do similar things? Right now they've changed the spots in the locker room, they changed up the schedule…

Jones-Drew:"I've been around that too. When they kind of changed the locker room that was with the same coach. Some of them did change schedules. You just want to kind of bring a new vibe. I think kind of what we're doing here is going to help us be ready for Sunday."

Q: Do you feel like this is just kind of for the team, hitting the reset button; kind of a fresh start?

Jones-Drew:"I think you [don't] really want a bye week this early because then you have to run off so many straight games, but for us it kind of came at the right time, where we just get a chance to break up all that stuff, clear our minds of everything. Obviously, Tuesday was one of those days, and Wednesday everybody wanted to talk about what happened and so we kind of got a week to just get that out of our system now and get back and get back to playing football, and that's all we're here for, that's all we care about."

Q: Just your thoughts on Tony Sparano just taking over.

Jones-Drew:"When they hired him, I heard a lot of great things about him. Obviously talked to him a bunch, played with some guys that were in Miami with him, and he's a straight shooter, that's all. He's going to tell you how it is and we're going to work. I think that's something good for these young guys to understand as well. My second year, I found out what the business of the NFL was about when Byron Leftwich was cut Week One. It changed my whole mindset and it probably was one of the reasons I've been able to play so long at the position I've been playing at, is because it's a business. You always have to have that mindset and so that was one of Coach Sparano's things that he told us. This is a business; we're all renters here and you have to pay your dues and do the right thing all the time, and that's what we did today. Like I said since you were late, we came in, watched the tape of the four games, just cutups, and studied ourselves, and after that got out to practice and now we're onto San Diego. We put that all behind us and now we're on to San Diego."

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