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Jones Encouraged Despite Loss


Q: Do you say that, okay, we were a play away, but also there's a lot of things in there that this game could have gotten away from us?**

Jones:"From watching the film right now, I feel like if one or two plays would have went our way, I feel like we would have been right there in the game. Our defense played their tails off. They were holding them [the Jets] basically the whole game. On offense we just have to help them out a little bit, convert more on third down, stay on the field a little bit more, but one or two plays, I feel like if we make a play here and there on offense that we didn't make that they did, I feel like would have given ourselves a chance to win the game."

Q: Why weren't you guys able to get the ball downfield more?

Jones:"That's a very good question. We felt like we had the right game plan to attack their secondary. You have to give them credit. They came out there and played a heck of a defensive ballgame, gave us some trouble, and made more plays than we did."

Q: Is it critical this week and the rest of the year that you have to take more shots down the field?

Jones:I'm a receiver, so I want them to throw it down the field every play, so you're asking the wrong guy. I think what we're trying to do; you have to stay balanced. You have to be able to run it. You have to be able to pass it. We have a guy back there at quarterback [Derek Carr] that's going to be a special guy, so you want to keep it balanced. We just have to make plays for him and help him out. There are a lot of things that could have went right or could have went wrong. When you lose, you're always trying to find a way to figure them out, so hopefully we go out there on Sunday against the Texans, we win and we have better questions next week."

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