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Jones: "That team just beat us up yesterday"


Q: What's it like when you guys go watch that film? Is it as bad as it felt?**

Jones:"I don't know it could be as bad as it felt, but a lot of mistakes. It wasn't us. It wasn't Raiders football. There's nothing that you can really put your finger on. It's just, mental errors, showed up a lot from every position and that's unacceptable, especially this late in a season, and you're still having the mental errors that we had on basic plays. You're not going to win ball games like that, and it showed up yesterday and it showed up in a big way."

Q: When you talk about mental errors, can you give us some examples?

Jones:"That's people not doing their job. People not doing the right assignment, at all positions on basic plays. We're not going to beat anybody if we're not doing our job the right way, and at a high level, and that's any football team. If you have mental errors, you got one guy not doing his job, nine times out of 10, the play's not going to be successful."

Q: Is it more disappointing that it happened when you had the extra time to prepare?

Jones:"First and foremost, you're trying to win every game, so it's disappointing if we were 0-15, to go out there at this point in the season and to lose like that and have mental errors the way we had them. It is unacceptable. We're all pros in there. Everybody has to hold themselves accountable, and that was unacceptable to go out there and put that type of game on film after a big win."

Q: Do you think there was any complacency for some guys after getting that first win?

Jones:"No man, we just got beat up. Like I said, every time we take the field, we take the field to win the ballgame, and that team just beat us up yesterday."

Q: Have you been a part of anything like that since you've been playing football?

Jones:"I've been blown out before, yeah."

Q: What do you take away from it?

Jones:"Buckle up, man. Get ready for this week. Put that one behind you. We went over the corrections just now, so that one's behind us. Get ready for the [San Francisco] 49ers and hopefully we can go out there and put together a better game than we did last week and hopefully we pull one out."

Q: Not your first rodeo against the 49ers. You have a lot experience against them, playoff experience against them. What do you know of them? What do you see from them?

Jones:"I just know they're a very physical team. They play with a lot of heart, a lot of passion. They have a lot of good players over there. They have a good ball club, but I know they play hard. They take a lot of pride in what they do, so we're going to have to come out, we're going to have to match their intensity if not exceed their intensity. We're at home in front of our home fans, yeah there are going to be some 49ers fans there, but we're at home and we have to go out there and protect our house."

Q: They're known as a very physical defense. How do you match-up from a physicality stand point?

Jones:"We're all men. We're all men. We've been playing football for a long time, so if you let the man across from you out physical you, that's you. You have to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the game. We have a lot of dogs on this team, a lot of men on this team that have a lot of pride, and trust me, we'll hold our own."

Q: What do you think the biggest problem for this offense is?

Jones:"I think the biggest problem with us, is just trying to establish a rhythm. A lot of the games that we've been in this year, we really haven't been in synch and in rhythm as an offense. A lot of three and out. At times we do get on track; we'll have that one play, whether it's a turnover, whether it's a penalty, to knock us off that track, but once this offense is in rhythm we're really hard to stop, but once you get us out of rhythm and we're going three-and-out and we're not establishing a groove, we're not that good."

Q: How does that happen?

Jones:"Everybody just has to do their jobs, that's it. Everybody has to do their job. There are a lot of playmakers in this locker room, everybody just has to do their job, and at a high level. We're more than capable of going out there and beating any team in the National Football League, if we do our job at a high level. If we go out there, if we have mental errors, we go out there and we're not playing like ourselves, we're not going to win too many games."

Q: When you talk about mental errors, is it from a scale of one to 10, is it a lot of times closer to 10?

Jones:"It's bad, especially this last week. This last week it was bad. I think it's probably the worst we've been in a long time. Like I said, at this point in the year, that's on everybody. That's on me. That's on coach. That's on everybody. We have to get better than that, and as a leader of this ball club and of the receivers room, we have to get better. There's no way around it, and we will."

Q: How does this team bounce back psychologically from a loss like that?

Jones:"Like I said before, we're all men. Everybody in here has been part of a loss before. The only thing you can do is buckle up. Go out there and get a little dirty and go out there and fight when you get out there on Sunday."

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