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Kelechi Osemele: Football Player, World Traveler, and Art Connoisseur

Kelechi Osemele has been fortunate enough to see much of the world at just 28, and he plans on embarking on more adventures in the near future.

Last year, the Pro Bowl left guard made a trip around the world, which featured destinations such as Australia, Thailand, and Italy, including many more. According to Osemele, the itch to travel began as a child, when he'd travel with his siblings to see his father overseas. While he didn't grasp the historical significance of the monuments and statues he was looking at, he knew he'd appreciate them later in life.

"Being a kid, I don't really know what I'm looking at historically, you know? I'm in London, 'What's that big ass clock tower thing?' Just being a little kid, like, 'Oh that's really cool! I need to come back some time when I'm an adult, and my parents aren't holding my hand and following me everywhere,'" he said on a recent edition of The Official Raiders Podcast. "That kind of in my mind was like, O.K. so when I get to a point where I'm good, my family is good, that's definitely a goal. For me it was like as soon as I got to my second contract I was already thinking, 'I'm about to travel."

Prior to the start of Organized Team Activities, Osemele took advantage of the offseason, and traveled to a handful of new locations, eager to experience the culture.

His first destination was to Rio de Jainero, Brazil - not a bad place to start.

Next, Osemele experienced the sights and sounds of Amsterdam.

On his third stop, he toured through the "City of Love."

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Don't let Osemele's violent play-style on the field deceive you, the big man has an appreciation for art, and its historical significance.

Osemele visited another very historical site.

During his trip to Berlin, he stopped by the Reichstag Building, which was burned down in 1933, but was later renovated in the 1960s.

I'd guess there probably isn't a better place to spend St. Patrick's Day than in Ireland.

After returning to the team's facility for Mandatory Minicamp, Osemele hit the road once again. This time, Osemele ventured to Greece with a friend.

Not only is Osemele fulfilling his own desire to travel, but he's encouraging his teammates and friends to do the same.

Following his trip to Greece, he's set to meet Raiders center Rodney Hudson in Bali.

On each journey around the world, the thing that surprises Osemele the most is the amount of Raiders fans he runs into.

"It's so random, bro. It's such a small world," Osemele said. "I think it's because the Raiders are just such a big organization everybody knows. There's fans everywhere, you literally run into fans everywhere. Spain, everywhere, and I'm a lineman, so people that are Raiders fans are hardcore."

Osemele will continue enjoying the fruits of his labor, and will report for Training Camp in late July.

To listen to the full The Official Raiders Podcast, click here.

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