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Kicker Sebastian Janikowski: "There's Always Something To Learn"


Kicker Sebastian Janikowski

Here's the transcript following Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski's Wednesday media session.

How's your bowling game?

"I'm just here so I won't get fined."

At this point in your game what do you still have to learn?

"There's always something to learn, you can get better on kickoffs, better on field goals, you can get stronger in the weight room. There's always something you can learn, I'm still finding out what it is."

Are you getting better with age?

"I feel good, I mean, the nine weeks I've been here just lifting, I think it's helped."

**Have you found ways to evolve your game?


"You got to hit the weight room, you got to work out better, you study more with [special teams coordinator] Brad [Seely], we always watch film. I never watched film in my lifetime, just something I thought that helps."

When did you start watching film?

"Probably when Brad got here, that was the first time."

How has that been?

"It was great, he gave us good pointers. He actually, his idea of kicking is kind of like a golf swing, so he knows that."

What kind of things were you looking out for on film?

"My plant foot if it's too ahead of the ball, if it's back behind the ball, too close to the ball. If you're too close you're always going to push or hook it."

Guys like [Bryden] Trawick, and [Daren] Bates, and [Andre] Holmes… Is it tough to replace guys like that?

"It's always going to be tough to replace, but it's the NFL. There's new guys, young guys coming up and they're going to help us out."

Do you have a limit on how much longer you want to play?

"Until they kick me out."

Do you still see yourself playing for this team when it goes to Las Vegas?

"I hope so, that's my goal. That's not my decision."

What are your first impressions of Marshawn [Lynch]?

"Beast Mode, man. Crazy good, so I can't wait to see him play."

How would you assess this team, how good is this team?

"We can make the playoffs, but the goal is to win the whole things. Playoffs is not going to be good enough for us, I'm shooting for the ultimate goal, a championship."

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