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Lincoln Kennedy Chimes in on "The Herd" With Colin Cowherd


Former Raiders' Tackle Lincoln Kennedy

Former Raiders offensive tackle and current sideline reporter for Raiders Radio Lincoln Kennedy appeared on *The Herd* with Colin Cowherd to discuss how the Raiders' franchise is on the rise.

Here are some of the main points he covered during his time on air:

The Raiders have been revitalized in the past few seasons and Kennedy believes it's the foundation that has gotten them to where they are.

"I think the entire organization gets credit. I think what Reggie McKenzie has tried to do is, especially what started with Mark Davis after the passing of his father, he wanted to show that the hierarchy was gone. It was no longer just Al Davis' Raiders, it's now become a collective effort that have made the Raiders. Due credit should be spread around.

Kennedy reflected on when he knew that quarterback Derek Carr was the franchise player the Raiders had been longing for.

"It was his first year in and after he had won the job, the starting job. I watched him go out there and he took some shots, because the offensive line didn't really do a great job of protecting him that first year. He took some shots and there were some times where he got up and he was limping, but he was committed to the cause. He didn't get up, he didn't whine, he didn't want to be taken off the field, he wanted to continue on… I thought the world of him, I just gave him all the credit in the world."

The one thing that has remained since Kennedy played was family. The Raiders are exuding a smarter brand of football and it's an exciting time for the franchise.

"The one thing I hunkered and really enjoyed as a Raider was the fact that it was the unity and the family…Now it seems they're playing better football by being smarter, no longer being those rebels as you mentioned. Playing a little bit smarter, but more importantly just going out there and handling business."

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