Looking Back At The Offseason: 15 Quotes We Absolutely Loved

Defensive End Justin Tuck on the atmosphere this offseason compared to last:

"It's different. I think this staff has come in with a mindset that they're going to speed things up and give us different, just a different practice atmosphere. You've got music out there. You've got coaches running around and yelling and really driving you to play fast, practice fast. So yeah, it's a little different."

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Head Coach Del Rio on quarterback Derek Carr and his grasp of the offense:
"He's been very diligent, really taking pride in his work and his preparation and the way he wants to be. He wants to be in charge. In order to be in charge, you have to really know what you're doing and what everybody does around you. I think he's done a great job of working at it and trying to process in his head exactly what it's going to be like. That's important."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. gives his thoughts on the defense:

"Really excited. Guys are playing really hard. Guys are showing up every day. They have really bought into the style and the philosophy that I'm bringing to them. I really feel like they are giving themselves a chance to be really good."

Head Coach Del Rio on the team and who is standing out:

"It's been hard to find a position that doesn't have great competition going on in it, so that part is exciting this time of year."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. on his vision for the defense:

"I wouldn't mind guys having a lot of energy, feisty, smart, enthusiastic, really care about what they're doing, giving everything they have. I like to have players like that."


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Linebacker Curtis Lofton on how he would describe the defense:**

"OHHH! That's how I'd describe it. We take the personality of our defensive coordinator. He has a ton of energy. We're going to be stingy. We're going to dictate the offenses. It starts right now. We're going to do it day by day and be consistent with it. That's what we're focusing on doing right now."

Quarterback Derek Carr on getting to throw to wide receiver Amari Cooper:

"Oh my goodness, it was nice to get out there and to see just how quick he is out of his breaks."

"It was good to get out there and throw to him. I think that he's going to be really special if he just continues to work like he does."

Safety Charles Woodson on what he sees so far from Amari Cooper:

"He's going to be really good. He's going to be really good. Every now and then, you like to make comparisons. I remember in 2006 in Green Bay, we got a kid named Greg Jennings and he was a guy right off the bat, you knew he had it. Amari is the same way. You watch him and his releases, coming off the line, you watch him getting in and out of breaks. It's as good as we have out there on the field. It's as good as I've seen for a young guy coming in."

Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave on running back Latavius Murray and what makes him a potential No. 1 back: "We've seen great study habits. Without ever meeting the young man or being in the meeting room with him or going through the season, there are a lot of unknowns. But from Day 1, he has been very attentive in the meetings. Out there on the field, he runs the show in terms of protection. He knows where the power of the plays are, respectively when we run the ball. I have been very impressed with how sharp he is. Of course physically, he has all the tools."


Head Coach Del Rio on mixing the new offensive weapons in: **

"Absolutely, yeah. You're talking about two weapons that we added. I think a third in Clive [Walford], the tight end, who every day out there he shows up and does something that grabs your attention. I think you're talking about three weapons in those guys. They added to the guys that are coming back. I continue to talk about the guys coming back, because we want to make sure we're developing them to the fullest. Guys like Mychal [Rivera] and [Kenbrell] Thompkins and 'Dre [Andre Holmes], all those guys, they're all working hard, they're all competing."

Cornerback TJ Carrie on being able to learn from Charles and Rod Woodson:

"I almost have a book of notes that I just grasped from them two. Some previously from Charles last year, but now having both Woodsons this year. You have a sense that every question you could imagine asking, they have the answer to it. It's really up to you as a person, as an athlete to say that I'm going utilize them as much as possible as a backbone to certain situations, how I should play and my technique and how they view things within their careers. That's a huge factor."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. on outside expectations for a breakout season for Khalil Mack:

"Everybody is saying how good he is and he got four sacks, I thought to myself, 'How many great players have four sacks.' You have to get in double digits. So he has a lot of growth to make. If they're thinking he's this good and he's done so little, imagine when actually does what he's supposed to do. He has the work ethic. He has a ridiculous, ridiculous work ethic. In my experience again, that turns into really good football players."

Head Coach Del Rio on the addition of center Rodney Hudson to the team:

"I think he's an excellent football player. I think he's a rising star at the O-line position, at the center position. I've competed against him a couple of times in the last couple of years. I have a lot of respect for his abilities as a player and I think he's going to fit in great with what we want to do with our center."

Tackle Donald Penn on what it means to him to be a Raider:

"It's great. I love being a Raider and wearing that Silver and Black. I loved my years in Tampa, but if I could've set it that way I wanted, I would have started here because [I grew] up a Raider fan. My fairy tale ending will be when I retire a Raider, we're winning, going to the playoffs, maybe have a Super Bowl under my belt. That will be a fairy tale ending. Everything happens for a reason. I am happy to be closer to home. I am happy to be a Raider. I am trying to do everything possible to turn this thing around."

Linebacker Khalil Mack on how he's going to prepare for training camp:

"I mean, you have to relax, but you also have to work on your craft. I'm a worker and I'm a grinder, so it's all I know. So that's what I'm going to be doing."

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