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Mack Reports to First Training Camp

Q: How anxious are you to get started?

Mack:"I'm very excited."

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?

Mack:"Just putting on pads and getting a feel for the game again. It's been probably about six months, so I'm excited to get back on the field."

Q: There's so much expected of you, how do you keep your composure and keep calm?

Mack:"Come out here and work hard every day. I have some of the best guys to look up to, as far as the veteran aspect, and I'm just looking forward to learning from them and keep getting better as a player and as a person."

Q: What's going through your mind on the ride up here? What's going through your mind about your first camp coming up?

Mack:"I don't want to say I'm calm, I'm just relaxed and laid back. I'm looking forward to the process. Taking it day by day. All of this, the media stuff, is new to me, but football, I've been playing it for a while now. This is what I love to do."

Q: Did you see that your Madden rating was 81?

Mack:"Yeah, I saw that. I couldn't dodge seeing that on Twitter the other day. It was all over my notifications and all that other stuff. That's exciting too, but I'm looking forward to getting better. Better than the 81."

Q: Are you going to change your number to 81?

Mack:"I don't think you can do that on defense, but if I could I would."

Q: Is this type of media attention something you like or is this something that you have to put up with?

Mack:"No doubt, it's part of the process. It's like my job now too, to deal with it, in a sense. But even then, just taking it day by day and enjoying the process."

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