Mack: "We're Out There Fighting For Each Other

On the team's success towards the end of the season:

Mack:"It is what it is at this point, but we're just out there just fighting for each other and this team and this organization. It speaks to the veteran leaders in this locker room, as well as the young guys."

Q: Has it been a cohesive thing? You look like you guys are having more fun now than then.

Mack:"No doubt. It's past us. That's what you see, is us out there trying to have fun as a team, and yeah; we're out there fighting for each other."

Q: Is it a good thing? Something that going into next year, knowing that you have that ability. I know there can be some doubt when you lose ten games straight.

Mack:"That's something we're not trying to think too much about. We're just getting ready for the next game, looking forward to playing against one of the best."

Q: What were you guys doing last time against Peyton [Manning] that worked pretty well early on in that game?

Mack:"Coach JT [Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver] was putting the calls in and we were trying to execute. That's all I can say."

Q: Ever since you've been drafted people have compared you to Von Miller. What do you take from his game, watching him?

Mack:"He's relentless. He's a relentless player. He's a great player. He plays great against the run and the pass, pass rush. You see that and you can take a lot of things from him, but he's relentless and I see it when we play against him as well."

Q: Everybody talks about the next man up philosophy on every team in the league. Is that something that you've taken from the pro game; that everybody has to be ready when their name is called?

Mack:"No doubt. Stay ready and you don't have to get ready. That's something that I've been working on as well. I want to be ready whenever they call my name. You can see that as well, seeing the practice squad guys coming up, so it's quick. They have to be ready."

Q: You got to play right away, can you imagine what it was like for a guy like [Keith] McGill who waits and waits and waits?

Mack:"Exactly. He's a great player. You have to wait on your turn sometimes and get in there and make the most of it."

Q: [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] was saying on Sunday that you really had them guessing, that they didn't know if you were going to go inside or outside on them. Can you sense that during the course of a game?

Mack:"The game is the game. That's what you want. You want them to play off of you and you want to play off of them. You want to attack, attack, attack as much as you can." 

Q: What did you learn about Peyton Manning your first time going against him?

Mack:"He's smart. He's a smart player. He does a lot early on to control the tempo of the game, so we're going to try to throw it off this week."

Q: He's kind of had some rough games for him recently, but I assume that you don't expect to see that?

Mack:"Not at all. He's a great player. A great player like that can bounce back. We're really looking forward to playing against him and his team, trying to get another win."

Q: Has that helped you, just letting loose?

Mack:"No doubt. Yeah. I remember hitting [Justin] Tuck a few times going inside, all around, just trying to play my game."

Q: How much do you want to sack Peyton Manning in the last game of the season?

Mack:"Man, I was supposed to try to get him last game, so this one I'm looking forward to it, hopefully."

Q: Is your confidence building? Obviously you had a lot of confidence coming in, but is it building now as the season goes on and you have more success?

Mack:"My confidence was always there. It just so happens that I'm able to get in a few plays nowadays."

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