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Matt McGloin Ready for Second Start


Q: The coaching staff clearly has trust in you, confidence in you, to give you another shot this week. That must be self-gratifying for you?**

McGloin:"It feels good that all the preparation and hard work has paid off. I'm glad that coaching staff has faith in me and trust in me, and I know the team does as well."

Q: Is it awkward with the situation where Terrelle [Pryor] wants to start, or are you guys good?

McGloin:"You know Terrelle and I have a healthy relationship. I don't think it really matters who starts. Guys are going to help out, Tyler [Wilson] helps out too, we all try to help each other out on a daily basis. At the end of the day, the most important thing is getting a win."

Q: The last week you started because Terrelle [Pryor] was injured, this week you're starting because of the way you played; any different feel for you?

McGloin:"No. There's no different approach or anything like that – it's business as usual. I thought we had a great practice out there today, you know, we'll see what happens out there with our meetings this afternoon and we'll go from there."

Q: Did you surprise yourself at all on how well you played last week?

McGloin:"Did I surprise myself? You know, you surprise yourself at times. Each and every day you do something a little different that you didn't expect to do. And that's good because you see that you're changing and that the work you're putting in is paying off, so I was happy to see that."

Q: What are things that you want to do in this game that you can build off of last game?

McGloin:"Maybe do some things differently. Some decision making I know we can do better on third down. That's kind of something we want to focus on for this week."

Q: Is it nice to be in a spot where everybody earns their playing time, that you were kind of able to fight your way up despite the fact that, you know, unheralded this and that, but if you play well you are going to play more?

McGloin:"It's a performance-based business and at the end of the day you have to perform to play. And we did play well last week, so I think Coach [Dennis Allen] is doing the right thing, sticking with what we have and see what happens."

Q: [Titans Head Coach] Mike Munchak was talking on the conference call earlier about Scranton, the way that Scranton embraces their own. I was just curious to see what kind of feedback you've gotten from back home the last couple of days?

McGloin:"The feedback has been great. Obviously, back home in Scranton with Coach Munchak being the head guy there and us playing them this week, there's going to be a lot of eyes on the T.V., and calls and texts from back home. So, you know, I'm excited to hear about it."

Q: Last week you probably played with a bit of a "can't lose" attitude, maybe. Is this week a little bit more pressure because you could continue to start if you do play well?

McGloin:"I don't think so. You kind of want to be relaxed when you play. I think last week we were really prepared, we had a great week of practice and you know, unfortunately it was a rainy out there, but I think we got a lot of things done. And like I said, I don't feel any added pressure or things like that, it's just go out and play see what happens."

Q: Have you surprised yourself at all with the speed of your progress?

McGloin:"I'm surrounded by great coaches and great players on this team, and when you're surrounded by that and guys that work hard it can't help but rub off on you. So, you know, I don't think I was too surprised by how we played last week."

Q: Is there anything that sticks with you in terms of things that you need to improve?

McGloin:"You know we just have to finish better. I think we came off to a good start; obviously going up 14-0, and then they took the lead. But I think in the fourth quarter we have to do a better job."

Q: There were a lot of dropped passes there, have you reached out to the receivers, now that you're the quarterback, to get a better understanding and a feel to just how your game is?

McGloin:"We're correcting those problems and that's just going to happen. Things like that will happen, but at the end of the day that's why you practice, you know, that's why you're able to communicate with guys and we're working on that."

Q: Are you able to increase that communication now that you're the starting quarterback?

McGloin:"We talk all the time. Like I said, my locker's right next to Rod's [Streater] and a lot of the wide outs, so we're constantly talking about the game, and we're constantly having fun. So, the communication has never been an issue."

Q: Have you heard from a lot of people since Sunday?

McGloin:"The support has always been good, regardless of whether I was a starter or not. I did hear from a lot of people, and it was a lot of the same people, which is nice. So it's really nice to see how supportive they are. I'm really fortunate."

Q: You're obviously not superstitious, you throw three touchdown passes in your first game with a beard, and now you shave it off?

McGloin:"I was just getting tired of it. That's really it."

Q: Some of the players – there were four dropped passes and they admit that – have said that they were a little surprised with the zip on the ball.

McGloin:"You know that's just how I throw. (laughter) Hopefully they're used to it now, and I know they're used to it, but you know, we'll see what happens. Those guys will make the right adjustments and they'll get the job done."

Q: You played the number one defense last week, now you play Tennessee this week, what do you see on film from them?

McGloin:"I mean it's a good team. They lost a lot of close games that could've gone either way. They're a good team, we're aware of that. They have a good secondary, they're good upfront, they're a good team overall, good defense and a well-coached football team. So we're aware that we have our hands full and you know, but we're ready for the challenge."

Q: When did you find out from Coach [Dennis] Allen that you were going to start this next game?

McGloin:"I went out there and took the first team reps today, so I kind of assumed it. But that's kind of how I found out, I guess."

Q: How do you approach this, do you have the job the rest of the way as long as you're playing well, or this a game-to-game thing?

McGloin:"As long as I play well I hope that I'll get more and more opportunities. My goal is to start, but the main thing is to play well. We know what it takes, last week we obviously did a great job. So hopefully it continues this week."

Q: Did you ever imagine entering the season, Coach [Dennis Allen] said you were just another camp arm. You surprised him, but that you would be the starter right now? McGloin:

"The kind of mindset, you know, that I've always taken, whether it be in the film room or something like that is, that I never took a backseat to anybody. I didn't put myself in the position of I'm better than these guys. I really don't look at who is ahead of me on the depth chart or who is behind me on the depth chart. I figure that each is a better way to get better, improve as a leader, improve as a person, so now that I'm in the starting position the mindset hasn't changed. You know, now I do have to work harder to keep this position, and I accept that, I enjoy it."

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