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Matt Schaub Discusses Derek Carr Decision


Q: Dennis Allen said that you were obviously disappointed by the news but you handled it like a pro, is it tough to grasp; tough to swallow?**

Schaub:"Yeah, it absolutely is. I'm definitely disappointed in that, but it doesn't do me any good or do this team any good if I just sat here and felt sorry for myself or the decision. I only know how to handle things one way, and that's just to move forward, and all I can control is my production and what I do each day to get myself ready and when I get an opportunity to go in there, do what I know how to do. Obviously I'm disappointed in that."

Q: How would you define what your role is now?

Schaub:"My role is to help get Derek [Carr] ready. Help the offense get ready to play. Help give the defense a look during practice, run the scout team but also get myself ready to play. I still fill all those roles, and I'm going to do them to the best of my ability."

Q: Are you physically ready to go if they needed you on Sunday?

Schaub: "Yeah, absolutely."


Q: Did Coach [Allen] say it was something that you didn't do or it was just Carr and his performance?**

Schaub:"I think that's something to ask Coach Allen. Obviously he just told me what his decision was, and he did tell me it wasn't anything that I did or didn't do. He said he was pleased with how I handled everything this offseason, training camp and played, but it was about what Derek had done and his progression, so that's what that is."

Q: After everything that you went through last year, how do you stay positive for the rest of the season?

Schaub:"I just have to. It's just the outlook. I've been through enough good times and tough times in my career, if you get caught up in the past or certain things then you're not focused on your job and your responsibilities in the here and now moving forward. It's just something I wake up every day and I'm just thankful to able to be part of this football team and be a part of this game."

Q: Were you surprised?

Schaub:"I was, yeah absolutely. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. Yeah, absolutely."

Q: As the Seattle game was progressing and you were on the sidelines and you saw Derek getting hot, did you feel concerned at that point at all, or did you not even look at it that way?

Schaub:"No, I didn't look at it that way. I looked at it as our fourth preseason game and our team, and players on our team, getting better and improving and making plays."



]( He [Carr] said that he credits you for helping him progress so quickly as a rookie. In a way, can you be proud of something like that?

Schaub:"Well, that's just why we're all here. We're all here to make the Oakland Raiders the best that we can be this season. If I've helped Derek along the way, great. We're just in the room, we're trying to make each other better. We're competing. We're pushing each other. We're watching film together, looking at defenses and just sharing ideas and thoughts. If I've helped him progress and get better, than I hope that's the case as a veteran quarterback helping a young guy, but that's something you can ask him for his opinion on."

Q: You've spent a lot of time with Derek over the past couple months, what have you seen from him in the room as far as intangibles go? We all see his arm and the things he does on the field, but how about some of the intangibles?

Schaub:"For a young quarterback, all the things we're asked to do in this offense as far as protections and some of the route adjustments, he's really taken to that well for a young quarterback. It's so much thrown at you and I feel he's done a nice job taking from what we're talking about in the meeting room and applying it on the field. That's not easy to do for any player, let alone a young, rookie player."

Q: In hindsight, would you have done anything differently if you had known it was a competition?

Schaub:"I wouldn't have changed one thing. Nope."

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