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Maxx Crosby jokes about what meetings with Johnathan Abram are like in quarantine

Johnathan Abram is boisterous, and his teammates and coaches love him for it — even when he's disrupting Zoom meetings.

During his appearance on The Lefkoe Show, Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby pulled back the curtain to reveal what the team's meetings are like in quarantine.

"John [Abram] can't stop talking," Crosby joked. "[Josh Jacobs and John] together, they talk back and forth, they talk a little crap, but John is a different animal. You should see him in meetings, Coach Guenther has to tell him to mute his mic, like three times a meeting.

"He asks a lot of questions, and he's really smart when it comes to football, that man knows football and what's going on, but he always asks questions. Randomly in meetings you'll hear yelling, or whatever, going on and kids running in the background, and Coach Guenther's like, 'John, can you please mute your mic.'"

Even separated from his teammates, Abram is finding ways to keep them entertained, but hopefully they'll all be reunited in Las Vegas sooner rather than later. After a season-ending injury last year, Abram's return to the field in 2020 will be a major topic of discussion.

You can listen to the full episode of The Lefkoe Show, here.

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