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Maxx Crosby makes the case for Josh Jacobs to win Offensive Rookie of the Year

Look, at this point, what else can we say about Josh Jacobs' rookie season in Silver and Black?

We could rattle off the stats, tell you about how No. 28 broke a franchise and/or league record seemingly each time he hit the field, or point to the dynamic plays that Jacobs orchestrated at least a dozen times in 2019, but you guys already know that.

So, in the spirit of not repeating ourselves, let's let someone else make the case for Josh to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, someone who knows a little bit more about football than we do.

"Josh Jacobs can run the ball, he can catch the ball, he runs downhill, he has over 1,000 yards, and he missed three games," Raiders teammate Maxx Crosby explained. "He had seven-plus touchdowns. I can go on and on. He's a special player. I knew since literally the first day of practice when he got the ball in his hands, it just looks like second nature to him. It's a runaway to me. I think it should be unanimous that he wins [Offensive Rookie of the Year], but we'll see what happens, but I'm knocking on the table for Josh, for sure."

Both Josh and Maxx will find out if they've been named Rookie of the Year – offense and defensive respectfully – Saturday night at NFL Honors.

You can also listen to Maxx's full interview, where he discusses all things Silver and Black, below.

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