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Mayowa: "I'm just enjoying the opportunity"


Mayowa: **"I just learned really, how to practice and play. At Idaho, we didn't have that same type of practice intensity and stuff. Over there with Pete [Carroll], there's a level of competition there that you can take into the game. That's what I took away from there, and of course the players that were in front of me. I think I learned a lot from them and took a lot from their game and put it into mine. That's another thing I learned over there."

Q: Last time you when we talked, you were talking about being a three-down lineman. You played the run pretty darn well, did you feel like you showed you can play the run, and you can play three downs and you can handle it?

Mayowa:"When I go out there I just want to show that I belong, really. Run, pass, it really doesn't matter what down it is. They said I can't play the run, so… I know I can pass rush, but for you to be on the field and get those reps on first and second down, you have to show that you can play the run too, so that's what I did."

Q: 50 snaps or something like that?

Mayowa:"Just 50 snaps on defense, or period?"

Q: Just on defense, we're not even talking about [special] teams.

Mayowa:"I don't know man, I'm just going."

Q: Do you enjoy getting into the flow of it?

Mayowa:"I'm just enjoying the opportunity, really. I spent the whole last year, I think I played two or three games. I spent the rest of the season sitting on the bench. When you're sitting down, you see if you can make those types of plays. You want to get out there and play. When opportunity calls, you just have to go out there and show what you can do."

Q: Did you play any defense last year or was it mostly special teams?

Mayowa:"Last year I played two games. I think I played Carolina was the first game and I'm not sure what the second game was, but I played those two games and they were mostly defense."

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