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McGloin Preparing for 4th Start


Q: What have you seen from the Jets defense on tape?**

McGloin:"A lot of looks. They're going to play a lot of coverage's, a lot of different fronts. They have a great blitz package. We definitely have our work cut out for us, but fortunately we had that weekend off, so we were able to get an early jump on them watching film. I think we had a good first practice and we're on our way. It'll be a challenge for us, especially on the road."

Q: They're predominately 3-4 as opposed to 4-3. Your defense does a lot of changing up looks and a lot of that stuff. Is that something you see on a regular basis?

McGloin:"Yeah it was good. In training camp you get to see a lot of those looks and a lot of different things, so it's good to learn how to protect them and know where your hot [route]s are and things like that. So it's good to have a similar defense, I guess you could say."

Q: Rod Streater is leading the team in receptions right now. Can you talk about your chemistry and how much confidence you have with him?

McGloin:"I really enjoy throwing to Rod. He's a guy that you can definitely trust. He's going to be in the right spots, he understands the playbook, he understands coverage's. His locker is right next to mine, so we have some fun with that. But he goes about his business day in and day out, so he's a good player for us."

Q: Matt, obviously you haven't been here for this entire stretch, but this team has lost 12 straight games in the Eastern Time zone. How do you not allow that to not become a self-fulfilling prophecy with another game being played in New York?

McGloin:"We win Sunday, that's how you do that. But no, it's not a statistic we're proud of. Any time you're traveling across the country to play, it'll be difficult, but for me, it's exciting to go back East and play in the cold. The weather is going to be a nice change for me. That stat is something we're aware of and we're keeping that in the back of our minds."

Q: You've played a lot in snow games, I assume and how does that change the way you approach the game?

McGloin:"I have, yeah. It doesn't. I'm used to it. I grew up in the East my whole life, so I'm used to playing in the cold weather. I'm used to the grip of the ball, how it feels, how to keep your hands warm and moist, things like that. So that won't be too much of an adjustment for me."

Q: Dennis [Allen] had talked about how he just wants to see you continue to learn from any mistakes that you've made. Do you really kind of focus in on those and really analyze those decisions during the break?

McGloin:"I think so. I think any time you watch film or you watch your last game you pick up on things that you can't believe happened. Last week the fumbled snap, I've been snapping with that guy [Stefen Wisniewski] since college. Things like that happen that shouldn't have happened, and of course the interception in the end zone was another bad, bad mistake by me. It's stuff like that that you can't believe happened. But at the same time you learn from it and you gain experience from it, you keep improving and hope the next time those plays come around you don't make the same mistake twice."

Q: With the interception, was it a bad decision or a bad throw?

McGloin:"It was just a bad decision by me. The match-up wasn't great. Obviously, Jacoby [Ford] isn't the biggest guy in the world for a jump ball. Not taking anything away, he's a great player for us. That just wasn't a good decision by me. I have to make a better decision there."

Q: Is that something that you pride yourself on, being able to quickly correct things and move past them?

McGloin:"You have to, especially at the quarterback position. You have to learn from your mistakes and move on because everyone's expecting you not to make the same mistake twice. If you do, you're not going to be in a starting position for long."

Q: Two scoring drives in the first half and I think you converted every third down, and in the second half there were no third down conversions, how do you zero in on third down conversions?

McGloin:"If you want to win games you have to convert on third downs, you have to make plays in big situations and the past two weeks we haven't been able to do that. Like you said, just look at the third-down conversions in the first half compared to the second half. It has to be better, we have to stay focused and try to play a complete game and try to finish."

Q: You went quickly from number four at the beginning of the year to number one. Has anything surprised you at all about the last three weeks being a starting quarterback in the NFL?

McGloin:"Every game is close. It's something that you start to pick up on and start to realize that. A lot of things happened in that second half and a lot of things happened in the fourth quarter, it's definitely never over until it's over. I think that's something you learn as a rookie, as a first time starter that anything can happen and you have to stay focused, you have to finish, that's the most important thing, is finishing."

Q: Do you expect a lot of friends in New York for this game?

McGloin:"I hope so, yeah. Obviously people have reached out to me already. My family will be there, a lot of friends will be there. It's exciting to head back East, to be able to see them after the game and be able to play in front of them."

Q: Are you getting more comfortable as the starting quarterback and everything that goes with it?

McGloin:"I'm fine with it, I'm comfortable with it; it is what it is. It's part of your job, it's part of playing the quarterback position understanding it comes with the territory. Some guys enjoy it, some don't, like I said, you accept it. It's part of your life, part of your day and you move on and keep going."

Q: You're pretty depleted at running back right now. Are you pretty confident that with whoever you put out there you'll be able to make enough plays?

McGloin:"I think so. I think our coaches will do a great job of getting them prepared. I know Taiwan [Jones] had a great practice today for us and I feel confident. A lot of guys communicate with one another. I know backs are helping each other out with different things, so I have no doubt whatever guy is in there will get the job done."

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