Mexico City Travel Guide: Justin "Jelly" Ellis Reflects On His Trip


Defensive Tackle Justin Ellis

The Oakland Raiders depart Sunday for their showdown in Mexico City against the Houston Texans, and for several players, this won't be their first time in the city. This past offseason, the Oakland Raiders hosted a draft party during the third day of the 2016 NFL Draft in Mexico City, and a few players from the team made the trip to help promote the event. Among those to attend was defensive tackle Justin Ellis, who had only been to Mexico once prior to the trip with members of the Silver and Black.

Ellis enjoyed his return to Mexico, and shared that it was a unique experience to get a taste of the country's culture. He discussed what made being down there a special trip, and shared some of his experiences while touring Mexico City.

Let's take a look at Ellis' travel guide and what he enjoyed on his trip.

First Impression:The Fans

"I really wasn't expecting none of that, but now I know, it was crazy man. The fans were so excited, and there were a lot of people that came out. I wasn't expecting that many people to come out."

Coolest Part of the City:The Overall Experience

Most Memorable Moment: Boating with Teammates

"When we did the boat rowing, it looked so easy, but it was so hard. You had to get the boat to go like… the guy that sits there is a small guy too and we're all big football players, but we couldn't get it to go like he did. You had to stick [the paddle] into the ground and sway, people was falling, I think TJ [Carrie] fell one time *(laughter). *It was fun, it was real fun."

Favorite Food:Empanadas

"I think the best thing I had was… the empanada. That's the best thing I had over there, it was so good. I guess because it was fresh and it was authentic."

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