Mic'd Up: All of the best bytes and sights from the Raiders' 2019 Offseason Workout program

As the NFL has grown, fans and the media are hearing and seeing more than ever.

Social media has provided people with more access than some ever thought possible, and it's bridged the gap between franchises and their fan bases.

Of all the methods used to get closer to the players and coaches, there's nothing better than when someone is mic'd up. You're taken in the huddle, to the line of scrimmage, and in the end zone to hear some of the most genuine and pure moments in the game.

This offseason, members of the Oakland Raiders have been mic'd up all throughout OTAs and there's a lot of interesting sound bytes that will perk your ears up.

Take a listen to each Mic'd Up from the offseason so far:

Defensive Backs Coach Jim O'Neil – "Just make sure we're not just focused on plays, we've got to establish our culture."

Defensive Line Coach Brentson Buckner – "Don't praise what you ain't going to use. You're practicing bad habits, right? Practice good habits."

Running Backs Coach Kirby Wilson – "I remember one day in Tampa with Jon it was so hot we had to cancel practice. The heat index was too high. I swear, JT, you could look across the field and see the devil in the stands smoking a cigarette."

Safety Johnathan Abram – "You (Chris Warren) gon' make me better. So, when I see Leonard Fournette guess what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna be like, 'Boy, I've been hitting this all camp."

Defensive End Clelin Ferrell – "Talk to me, baby! … Let's run around today."

Linebacker Jason Cabinda – "I'm liking this energy right now, man. I said, I'm liking this energy right now!"

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown – "I'm already a problem. I'm the answer looking for a problem. I'm the answer in this league."

OTAs might be over, but there's sure to be more mic'd up content coming your way during Training Camp, so stay tuned to Raiders.com for more.