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Moore Believes in Raiders Defense


Q: After watching the film, what maybe stood out to you the most from the defense?**

Moore:"When we go, I don't think there are too many people that can play with us. We dictate tempo. We scare offenses and we really can be great. That's the biggest part of what you see on the film, and the second part is understanding we have to do that consistently, each and every play, myself as well. Mainly being able to do my part and take my part where I can always elevate my game to really come up with the play or the big play, and you see that the little details are the things that cost us."

Q: Is that kind of what led to some of the big runs against you; the little details?

Moore:"They were very little details, very, very little details. The big run that happened, that was a very game-changing play, and just from an alignment stand point, that really hurt us at that point. That was on me, and I take that, because I have to make sure I make that play and make it clear for everyone on the defense."

Q: Can you also attribute that to being on the field for so long? The time of possession was lopsided; maybe you were a little worn out in the second half?

Moore:"I don't care about how much time I'm on the field or not. My job is to get on the field, and whatever's behind me, nobody gets to it. It doesn't matter how many plays we play. We have to do our job and stop the opposing offense, no matter what the situation is."

Q: How often did you guys make the proper play and how many times did you guys have those breakdowns that you were talking about? How close are you?

Moore:"We're very close. If you break down that film, there's probably a million great plays, but there's three or four plays that hurt you, and those three or four plays are the plays that as a good team, we cannot allow, especially with the amount of talent, especially with the people, especially with the character and especially with the amount of people that have dedicated themselves. We can't let that happen."

Q: How encouraging is it seeing C Wood [Charles Woodson] with an interception, and you with a fumble in the red zone?

Moore:"I told Wood yesterday during the game, I was like, 'Look man, I saw you make that pick. I have to go get one too. I have to go get something.' The thing about it is, when you see a guy like that going out there, not even just that play, he had other plays where he's running tail hole and nail bolt to the ball. When you see him exhausting himself like that, you have no choice but to do the same and try to match his level of intensity, especially as long as he's been doing it. He's out there talking about, 'You have the old man out here making you all look bad.' I'm trying to get them too, but it's good to see, and it's good to see guys responding from one person making a big play, trying to make other people to make them."

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