Murphy, Raiders Turn Attention to Giants


After Sunday's tough loss to the Houston Texans, rookie WR Louis Murphy had the game on repeat on his way back to Oakland to see what he can do to improve.

The first year wide receiver, who is tied for the team lead in receptions, said, "I watched the game [Sunday] night at least three or four times. I rewound it over and over again."

Murphy totaled three receptions for 34 yards against the Texans on Sunday, but the most important stat to him was dropped passes. "This is really the first time something like that happened to me. Last time something like that happened was probably in high school when coach pulled me aside for dropping passes," Murphy recalled.

According to Murphy, the Raiders' group of young receivers has been doing the extra things that Head Coach Tom Cable has been talking about since the start of training camp.

"That's the thing. We are meeting more. We are doing extra stuff before and after practice. We are really working on our chemistry. That's the frustrating part for me. We have everything we need. We just have to put it together," Murphy said.

Murphy, who caught a 57-yard go-ahead touchdown pass against the San Diego Chargers on opening night, says he won't let the dropped balls affect him the rest of the season.

"Covered or not covered, it doesn't matter. I don't make any excuses. I [have] to catch the ball. That is my job and that is what I am paid to do," Murphy explained. "I have to be able to put that behind me and that's what some of the vets were talking about."

Coach Cable said in a press conference Monday that Murphy's competitive nature is a good thing. Cable added that sometimes the young receiver is going to have plays or calls that don't go his way.

"Sure it is. I don't want him to drop balls or anything like that and carry it with him, but he has to get through. He's going to have some of those in his career," Coach Cable stated.

This week, the Oakland Raiders travel to the Big Apple for their second away game in a row and face the New York Giants. Murphy feels that the offense will have to play a large role in the game if the Raiders want to come home with a victory.

"We are going to have to be on point. The passing game is going to have to be there. We will have to move the chains. Not just for the big play. We have to be able to come into the game and get a first down," Murphy explained.

By doing so, the defense will get a chance to recharge and come into the game more refreshed.

"We have to be able to come out and give our defense a rest, keep our defense off the field and to just continue to move the chains. We have to go 10 yards at a time, constantly move down the field, and continue to build momentum," Murphy said.

Coach Cable also noted some keys to next Sunday's game. He said, "Continue to get better on defense. Get a better effort out of our special teams. And find our identity and execute offensively. I've said it the past couple of weeks and I'll say it again, it won't be about the New York Giants, it will be about the Oakland Raiders."

After winning two NCAA National Championships with the Florida Gators, Louis Murphy now wants to make his mark as an Oakland Raider.

The fourth round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft said, "I don't want anyone to lose any faith in me. When 'Murph' is in the game I want them to say 'he is automatic.' I am going to do all that I can this week to make up for those drops."

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