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Ochoa Supports the Silver and Black


CB Stanford Routt poses for a photo with Ryan Ochoa before the game. Photo by Robert Ochoa

Ryan Ochoa, a Disney Channel star on the Disney XD show Pair of Kings, attended the Raiders final home game against the San Diego Chargers. Ochoa, who has been acting since he was seven-years old, has grown up a Raiders fan, despite being born in San Diego. "My dad was actually from the Bay Area and so was my mom, but I've been a Raiders fan my whole life," he said.

Now living in Los Angeles, Ochoa came up for his first Raiders game in Oakland. "I've been to games in San Diego, but never in the Black Hole," said Ochoa. "My heart is pumping so fast right now you have no idea. I'm meeting all these guys, it's like they're stars to me. They're stars to everyone here."

Ochoa has had appearances in various television shows and movies, but his biggest role is as a lead character in Pair of Kings. "It's about two twin brothers who basically come to find out that they rule an island," explained Ochoa. "So they come to the island and it's about them causing chaos and learning the new superstitions and becoming great leaders. I play the evil cousin on the show who's trying to take over and I always have evil schemes to get rid of them. I have a blast though."

Even as Ochoa described his acting career and ultimate goal of starring in movies, he could not contain his excitement of being on the field near his favorite team. "I met some of the players running around saying hey to me, I got pictures, I don't want it to end right now," said Ochoa. "I'm just so happy to be here. I got my own football. I love it, I love the Raiders."

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