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Olson on Carr, Texans Defense


Q: How did Derek Carr handle the Jets' pressure?**

Coach Olson:"He'll get better, but I'll just assess the way that he handled his first start, and that was he did a really good job, obviously in a hostile environment in New York with a very well-coached defense by Rex Ryan. So, I came out of it feeling good about his overall performance. Certainly, there are some things he could have done better. He'll get better at those things, but overall, for him to into that first game, I thought that he did some good things."

Q: What are some of those things?

Coach Olson: "Some of the protection issues. There's a feel for the offense. Like I said, it's his first year and so there were some situations throughout the game, a couple of situations… The headsets where it got loud, you couldn't hear the play call. I had to call a zone play. A lot of times when a guy has been in the system, a lot of times all you have to do is hear the first couple of words of the formation and they know exactly what it is. Seeing the field, understanding blitz patterns, which he's miles ahead of most kids coming out, so he's done some very good things."

Q: Is that why you guys have crowd noise at practice?

Coach Olson:"Yes. We did it today for our defense for the home crowd. But, when we are playing on the road, we have crowd noise for the offense during practice a couple times a week."

Q: People see the late touchdown pass to James Jones and they wonder why you didn't try that more often earlier. Is that fair or were you trying earlier?

Coach Olson:"We could have done a better job. What we really needed to do is sustain drives. We had too many three-and-outs in that second half. I didn't see the second half coming to be quite honest with you, like the first half was just a matter of possessions. He did a nice job on the turnover, handling pressure, getting into an all-out blitz check and throwing the touchdown to Rod [Streater], that was his doing at the line of scrimmage. He recognized the pressure and got it to the check that we wanted. I felt like we couldn't establish any kind of a rhythm to earn many first downs in that second half to even think about taking some shots. After a couple of three-and-outs in that third quarter, we said let's look at trying to get a shot to get it down field to create something. It wasn't there for him. We need to do a better job of that. I need to do a better job of designing those plays."

Q: What does Matt Schaub bring to the meeting room?

Coach Olson:"He's great. Obviously he's experienced. His experience as a winner is also… there are a lot of quarterbacks that are playing in the league that have never taken on that role as the starter and never been in that position. They've been a career backup, where here's a guy that's been a Pro Bowl player. He's won a lot of football games. He's seen a lot. He's got great demeanor and really good leadership skills. He helps him in all of those areas."

Q: Obviously it's a disappointing situation for him, but you don't see that from him?

Coach Olson:"Oh, he's disappointed. Don't get me wrong, he's a competitor, but he's also a professional. He's fantastic. We're real lucky to have him."

Q: Were there rookie moments for Derek?

Coach Olson:"Oh yeah, and there definitely will be. He's also a guy that only needs to see it one or two times and he gets it. That's why I think he's going to be special. He doesn't have the experience right now that starting quarterbacks have, but when he does see something, very rarely does he come back and make the same mistake twice. He spends a lot of time at it. He's really jumped into it. You cannot replace experience. The more experience he gets, the better he'll be."

Q: How did he do when he had to call the play?

Coach Olson:"When he had to call his own play? He did fine. He chose a play that he felt like he could execute. It was a third down play, so he knew he had to get to a pass. Those are things that he'll get better at with experience."

Q: Did you think that your offensive line got beat decisively on the line of scrimmage or was it mostly just the amount of times you could run the ball?

Coach Olson:"It was the amount of plays. We only had 20 plays in the first half. It's hard to establish that rhythm in the run game as well. Did I feel like we got beat up along the front? I didn't feel that way. Again, it was more of the rhythm and being able to earn the first down and to get that confidence and get something going in the drive. We will continue to run the football. I don't think that was one of our strengths, I felt like that even a year ago. I think we came into the offseason this year and out of training camp like we will be better running the ball this year. That didn't come to fruition the first game, no. I have every belief that we will be able to run the football this year."

Q: If MJD can't go, are you eager to see Latavius Murray?

Coach Olson:"We'll get to see Latavius and Darren in that role. That's how we'll go this week. Certainly, Latavius had a good preseason so we'll get a chance to see him as well."

Q: Does J.J. Watt present more of a game-planning problem than almost any other defensive player? Do you have to focus more on him?

Coach Olson:"I think you do. If you look to last week's game, he kind of single-handedly wrecked that football game for the Redskins. He's a tremendous player. I hope we don't see a lot of J.J. Watt's down the road. He has the capability to do that to teams."

Q: How do you decide which running back is going in to which situation? Do you have situational guys?

Coach Olson:"We have situations right now, situational plays. We went in last week … We didn't have a lot of rhythm there, but we wanted to see Maurice Jones-Drew in a full-time role and again this week, not sure if we are going to see that. We'll start with Darren and it will probably be more series this week with Darren and Latavius."

Q: Last week, your wide receiver snaps were kind of one-sided. Could that change a lot this week? Coach Olson:"There just wasn't a lot of opportunities there. We'll continue to evaluate the position throughout the season, to be honest with you. There wasn't anything that jumped out good or bad with that group. We'd like to see Andre Holmes a little bit more. We'll probably get Andre in a little bit more this week, to see what he can do as well. We've got to give those guys some opportunities… more opportunities down the field."

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