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Olson: "We've got to do a better job of executing"


Q: With the change in head coach, how much has your offense changed?**

Coach Olson: "We're still going about. We went and self-evaluated, but you are not going to see a bunch on wholesale changes. I think Tony [Sparano] is on board with what we've been trying to get accomplished. It's all about, really, correcting mistakes and trying to get better."

Q: How do you get the running game going?

Coach Olson: "I think we probably grossly underestimated a little bit about where we would be right now, just overall offensively a little bit, or overestimated where we were going to be right now. So, we went back and looked at things that we were doing good and things that we weren't doing so well. Part of it is staying committed to it and being able to staying in the games to where we don't have to abandon the run. We've just looked at different schematically, a couple of different things that we think we can do better."

Q: Can you talk about what Kenbrell Thompkins is bringing to this receiving corps?

Coach Olson: "He has only been here a couple of days, but he has a tremendous work ethic. He has shown quickness and speed out on the practice field, so that jumped out yesterday immediately was that he is playing at a really little bit of higher speed right now than we've seen on the practice fields. He's an intelligent player. He has picked up things quickly over two days. Ted Gilmore, our wide receivers coach, has met with him extra here since he got off the plane, and he is picking up things well. He just looks like a polished receiver, I guess, that is young and has good, fresh legs."

Q: What kind of an impact does Eric Weddle have on that defense?

Coach Olson: "Tremendous player, and they're playing very well as a unit right now. But I think he is obviously their quarterback really of the defense. He is someone that you've got to be aware of where he is at. He is a tremendous blitzer, a tremendous tackler and he is a pretty good cover player. He just brings a lot to their defense, but I think his ability to pressure and blitz is a strength of his."

Q: How much different is it to get Dwight Freeney blocked as an outside linebacker as opposed to having his hand down?

Coach Olson: "To me, both him and Jarret Johnson are two 12- and 13-year players that still have a lot of juice left. Freeney hasn't slowed down a whole lot. You'll still see his signature spin move. He looks heavier. I don't know if he is heavier, but in his uniform, he looks heavier and he has a tremendous bull rush now that he is using as well. So, he's got two good moves – the bull rush off the spin move. He is playing at a real high level now as well."

Q: Is he standing up most of the time?

Coach Olson: "He is both. He is doing both – the hand down a lot. To me, he is equally effective but they like still to bring him to the quarterback and pressure the quarterback there off the edge. Good player."

Q: Are you surprised you haven't gotten much consistency from the receiving position this season?

Coach Olson: "Overall right now, and again, I'm as disappointed or more disappointed than anybody right now at where we're at after four games offensively, and it's just not the wide receivers. It's overall as a whole unit right now. Again, we had a chance now to evaluate here during the bye week, and hopefully we will be able to come out and put a better performance on the field and perform better because that certainly is not good enough right now."

Q: Has there been a decision made on what the depth chart will look like with Rod Streater out?

Coach Olson: "We haven't done that. We're still evaluating a number of positions, really, wide receiver being one of them."

Q: You guys have Denarius Moore inactive last game. Is that a message and trying to get something across to him?

Coach Olson: "Again, we're not playing well enough. I don't think anyone should feel comfortable with their job and that's part of it. We've just got to get better production overall. We have to do a better job of coaching, and we've got to do a better job of executing and playing. That's a position there where you're given opportunities and through the course of the season, if you're giving opportunities and we don't fell like the player is making the most of the opportunities, we'll put someone else in there to compete with them."

Q: How did Derek Carr look today?

Coach Olson: "Good. He looks good. Again, he's got a great attitude, I think. He's a physically tough player in my mind. He's a guy that wouldn't come off the field a week ago if we hadn't dragged him off. He's a tough player and he'll do whatever he needs to do to get ready."

Q: Are his issues against the blitz just kind of rookie stuff?

Coach Olson: "Again, it's hard from the naked eye, but I think in the coaching world there is a lot of good things that this kid does that is unseen by the common fan. He is getting better and again, he is a quick study. We'll surround him with better players and better scheme and he'll continue to be a rising star, in my opinion, in this league."

Q: Tony Sparano mentioned the other day that Matt Schaub and Matt McGloin have been splitting snaps. Is that because Schaub has been gone for a few weeks?

Coach Olson: "Again, competition, more than anything. That's a very good room. Those guys there, in terms of working together and competing against one another and pushing one another. Matt Schaub, after he left, he didn't make the trip [to London], so he has been off for awhile, so we wanted to get a gauge for where he is at in terms of his arm. We had to rest his arm in previous weeks, so there are some things there that we're still evaluating in terms of Matt Schaub at this point."

Q: How does he look so far?

Coach Olson: "They look fine. They've had two good days of practice, those two. They haven't gotten a lot of reps, but they both look fine."

Q: You had to rest his arm in season? This wasn't what happened in camp?

Coach Olson: "This was still a result of that at the of the deal, so we just, as we've gone forward here, he and McGloin had kind of split reps anyway because of that at the end of the training camp."

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