One Hundred, Fun Hundred


Raiderettes Rachel and Jennifer pose for a photo with Girl Scouts at One Hundred, Fun Hundred. Photo by Tony Gonzales

The Girl Scouts of Northern California celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts with the One Hundred, Fun Hundred event at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, Calif. Raiderettes Jennifer and Rachel, as well as Raider Nation on Location, were on hand to help the girl scouts celebrate with their friends and families.

Raiderette Rachel was a Girl Scout for 13 years and was excited to be a part of the celebration. "It was very cool," said Rachel. "It was great to see that this tradition is still going very strong. It was great to see all these young girls being inspired and made me realize how much fun I had doing it and all the great experiences I had."

The Raiderettes had the chance to pose for pictures with the Girl Scouts and talk to them about Junior Raiderettes and High School Spirit Explosion. As they spoke to the young ladies, Rachel began to reminisce about her time with the Girl Scouts.  "When I did it, I did it for 13 years," said Rachel. "We did a bunch of camping trips, we did a couple of events helping out veterans, we did a lot of food drives, and of course sold Girl Scout cookies. We had father-daughter dances and other camping events with other troops."

Her 13 years had a significant impact in shaping her into the person she is today. "It helped me to be more confident in myself," said Rachel. "I made a lot of great friends. I learned a lot of different things as well, just about myself and being a strong, independent woman."

Rachel hopes that ladies at the event get the same positive experience from the Girl Scouts and that the Raiderettes presence had an added impact. "I was talking, especially to the young girls, to keep following their dreams," said Rachel. "Being part of the Raiderettes was one of my dreams and I followed it and hopefully I passed that on to the younger girls that dream big, keep aspiring to your goals, and you can achieve anything."

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