Press Conference: Coach Sparano Friday

Opening Statement:"Vincent Brown today did not practice; he's out. TJ Carrie was limited today; he's questionable. Chimdi Chekwa did not practice; he's going to be out. Ras-I Dowling was limited today; he's probable. Khalil Mack was limited today; he's questionable. Denarius Moore did not practice today; he's out. Menelik Watson was limited today; he's questionable."

Q: With TJ Carrie and Khalil Mack are those things you'll know tomorrow? Or are they game-time decisions?

Coach Sparano: "I think probably going into the game, game-time decisions and see how those things look. They did good work out here today."

Q: Menelik Watson has been out for a while. If he can play, would he probably be in a backup role?

Coach Sparano: "Yes."

Q: From the time you took over as head coach to now, what is the single biggest takeaway that you have about this team?

Coach Sparano: "Well, it's hard to put my finger on one thing, honestly. But I would say their resiliency, probably. Their resiliency and their ability to adjust, which has been a real pleasure for me. Their ability to adjust to new things, new ideas, new ways."

Q: In your experience, how different is it closing the season out with a win entering the offseason or with a loss entering the offseason? Do you believe in momentum if you guys do finish the season with a win?

Coach Sparano: "Yeah, I believe that every season starts out a little bit differently. Everybody starts out the same way, thinking that you're going to be playing for a championship at the end of it. But I do think that there is something to carrying over a little bit of momentum going into the offseason, being able to win a football game on the road, doing something like that that we have not been able to do right up until this point. Finishing the way we finish at home. All those things would be good things and doing it with a lot of young players too. That would be all positive."  

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