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Q&A with Carlos Rogers


Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: Do you have a message for the Ryder Cup team or any golfers you'll be trying to keep across?

Rogers: "Just go win. Other than that, I watch all the guys. I just got into golf; since the World Cup came I got into soccer. I want to go to a game this weekend. I heard there's one Saturday, so hopefully I can check one of the games out. But just win. I support the U.S., even though I'm in London, regardless."

Q: A lot of the news cycle in the U.S. has been around the negative social headlines. How important is it this week for the Raiders to be good ambassadors for the sport and the NFL?

Rogers: "We represent ourselves. We represent that regardless of where we go, if we're in the U.S. or outside the U.S. Like you said, there's been a lot of stuff going on, but you can only control what you can control. To each individual, just try to keep a clear mindset of what you can do to get in trouble and when those things come up, think before you do anything. Don't go off of emotions or reactions and just protect yourself, protect your team, and you'll be fine."

Q: On Sunday, you'll be facing a quarterback that doesn't appear to have the support of his head coach. From what you've seen on film, is he someone you think you can easily take advantage of as a secondary?

Rogers: "I think each quarterback you face, you're going to find things that you can see on the offense that you can take advantage of and vice versa. They're going to see stuff on our defense that they can take advantage of. Just about going out there Sunday and doing it no matter who the quarterback is. They're going to run the same routes. They're going to have the same O-line, D-line and receivers, quarterback, running back, anybody that's playing on that team, is going to be the same no matter if there's a quarterback change. What we see on film, they're going to run the same stuff; we're just going to try and take advantage of that. I don't want to get into what the quarterback is doing – is he good, is he bad. They say he's still the starting quarterback of that team, so obviously, it's not a backup that they trust and he's going to be out there."

Q: How have you found the facilities here and the conditions?

Rogers: "A little different, but it's nice though. This is a little better than where we stayed last year, I can say that. The field is nice. Last year, we were sliding all over the field, slipping, so this is much better, but I like it. It's got everything we need to get our jobs done."

Q: Have you had a cup of tea – an English cup of tea yet?

Rogers: "No I haven't; I need some. Yeah, the food is a little different over here."

Q: Good different or bad different?

Rogers: "I'll stick with our food."

Q: The feeling around a lot of the defenders last weekend for the performance they had in New England were pretty positive. Did you feel pretty positive about how the defense played last week?

Rogers: "Yeah, I felt real good about it. Throughout the whole game, I'm talking to the end, to the kneel down, I thought we were going to win that game. The way we practiced last week for that game, to prepare for that game, players and coaches, mixed up our calls, got after those guys, sacked Tom Brady some, got off the field some. They made their plays too obviously, but just the way played compared to the first two weeks, teams just ran on us, they passed on us. We didn't get off the field on third downs. Offensively, they didn't stay on the field, they were on the sideline, didn't move the ball. You saw last week, they were moving the ball, we were getting off the field. Guys were running around, celebrating, and I think if we continue to play like that, we're going to win a lot of games. The first two performances were just terrible overall."

Q: What was the difference with the pass? What do you think made that difference? 

Rogers: "Coaches talked to all of us. We had a long talk. Some o f the veteran guys, he sat down, had a private meeting with them, and we just got his point across to us as veterans and we got the point across to everybody else. We just took that to the field, practiced good. And, like I said, what we did showed on the field. It didn't result in a win too bad, we don't want any moral victory, but like I said if we continue to play like that, put forth that effort, we'll shock a lot of teams." Q: Carlos, you were here last year with San Francisco. What did you learn from that trip and are there any lessons you've taken going into this year's game in London?

Rogers: "Probably just wear some better shoes. I was sliding all over the field. But this is a nice facility; it's a nice stadium. I enjoyed myself over here, enjoyed playing. Other than that, I had a good time. I wouldn't mind bringing my family back here to something like this just to experience seeing something different that we're not used to seeing. It's a lot of history here. Like I said, I enjoy myself and wouldn't mind coming back."

Q: Do you see it as a bit of a distraction when you travel from West Coast twice in two seasons? Is that a good thing for a team?

Rogers: "No, I don't think it's a distraction. I think it is if you let it be. We came over here and won so obviously it doesn't bother us. Hoping we get the same results this time, but I think, like I said, once you get adjusted the time zone, get your body right, get your rest, it'll just be like you're at home playing in a normal game."

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