Q&A with Heyward-Bey


WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (left) gets in some running with his teammates during off-season workouts at the Raiders Alameda, Calif., facility. Tony Gonzales.

As The Oakland Raiders 2010 off-season workout program enters its second week, Raiders.com caught up with WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, who is entering his second season, for a Q&A.

Raiders.com: How has the offseason been so far?

DHB: It's been good, I went home, relaxed with a vacation. It's good to get away for a little bit, but I'm glad to be back.

Raiders.com: What are your personal goals this year?

DHB: My personal goal is to just help this team win. We want to get to the playoffs. I want to do better, catch more balls and become a playmaker on this team.

Raiders.com: How does it feel working with strength and conditioning coach Brad Roll?

DHB: It's good, he has me working harder. I feel like I am getting stronger. I came in weighing a little bit more and it's a good look for me. We'll see how we feel when I get to mini- camp.

Raiders.com: What's your outlook for 2010?

DHB: The outlook is good, man. I have a new frame of mind. I have a new outlook on my career.

Raiders.com: Since you were going through Draft preparations this time last year, what was going through your mind?

DHB: This time last year, I just came off the combine and my pro day. I was really excited how I performed there. During this time, I started making visits to teams and teams were working me out. Probably, around this time the Raiders came and worked me out. And, that's when I knew they had interest. For those guys out there who are doing that, I know that there really excited that the draft is coming up.

Raiders.com: Have you been watching the NCAA tournament?

DHB: Oh yeah, my Maryland Terrapins lost the other day by a buzzer-beater. I was not happy about that. But, they had a good year. I'm good friends with a couple of those guys and I'm proud of them and happy for them.

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