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Q&A with Marcel Reece

Q: You were able to do everything out there today, that has to be pretty encouraging for you that everything's good.

Reece:"Absolutely. That's what I'm here to do. I'm here to play. Everybody knows I don't like spending time off the field, so anything I can do to stay on the field, that's what I'm going to do. I was full go yesterday, didn't have many reps. Today it was good to be out there with my team and be able to try and make a couple of plays."

Q: Were you concerned at all when the injury happened?

Reece:"I mean, it's always kind of scary when you're not used to being hurt and you don't really feel right. Like I always say, anything below the waist is the worst, because that's where we make our living, running. When I can't run, it's definitely a little scary. It happened Friday night in the game, early on. I kept playing on it, probably made it a little worse and the X-ray Friday night came back negative, so that was positive. It just still didn't feel right. It's still not completely right. Obviously, you can see me in the boot right now, but the deal is right now I'm going to stay in the boot until I step on the field. It won't aggravate it anymore and hopefully it'll make it feel a little better."

Q: Is this something you have to manage throughout the year do you think?

Reece:"No, no, I don't think so. I don't think it'll be a thing like that. I feel that after this week's game, maybe get a little rest before New York and I'll be 100 percent. It's feeling better every day. That's just where we are right now."

Q: Knowing what guys like Darren [McFadden] have gone through with feet, and DJ [Hayden] and that kind of thing, do you try to keep that kind of stuff out of your mind?

Reece:"Yeah, I definitely don't think about that. I never compare myself or any injury to anyone else's injury. Even if they're technically, maybe, the same injury. For me, I've always considered myself a fast healer. I don't really think about being hurt or ever plan on being hurt and never want to sit out of anything. Most people probably can't even remember the last time I was hurt, even Greg Papa."

Q: You look at it from the outside and you think, why waste him in a preseason game?

Reece:"That's not my decision. My job is just to go out there and play. If Coach [Dennis Allen] tells me they don't want to play me in a preseason game, then I respect their decision, but I want all of my teammates to know as a leader, captain on this team, if I'm able to play and help them win, I'm going to be out there. No matter if it's a preseason game, Super Bowl, first week of the year; no matter what. If I'm able to go out there and contribute and not hurt this team, I'm going to be out there on the field."

Q: You must have been pretty pumped when that MRI came back and there wasn't anything major. Did you feel a sigh of relief?

Reece:"It was a sigh of relief to know that it wasn't as serious as they thought initially. There was definitely a sigh of relief, but like I said, it's been feeling better every day. I had that one day of rest and it's amazing what one day of rest will do for you when you haven't had it in a while."

Q: You've been around here a while, what signs do you see that things are different?

Reece:"I have been here for a while. The difference is there's a sense of urgency among the players. There's a sense of urgency among us right now. Coaches always have a sense of urgency about themselves, whether it be job security, just wanting to win, being around winning programs, what have you, but there's not always a sense of urgency around players. This year we have that sense of urgency here. There's some more veteran leadership on both sides of the ball, in all phases of the game. It's encouraging. It's encouraging to have a group of guys around you that have the same sense of urgency and are out for the same goal."

Q: You know I have to take a shot here, is it a ligament thing, is it a fracture?

Reece:"To be honest, like I've told everyone else, it's a foot issue. It's something that I'm going to deal with. To be honest with you, there's probably three people in this world that really know what's going on. Like I said, if I'm able to be on the field, I'm going to be on the field. I think that's all anyone needs to know."

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