Q&A With Murray From Radio Row


Q: When did you get to Arizona?

Murray:"I got up here on Monday and I'm staying here until Sunday."

Q: How was Radio Row? For people that have never experienced it, how would you describe it?

Murray:"I think it's a pretty cool thing. You have all those radio stations and tables set up just to talk with all those stations. It's pretty cool all the things they have set up for you in there. It was definitely like a cool, fresh experience for me. I wish we were in the Super Bowl next time I go."

Q: Is it cool for you see the other guys from other teams around the league while you're down there? Did you get to talk to anyone?

Murray:"Yeah, I came down here with [Jacksonville Jaguars QB] Blake [Bortles]. Obviously me and him played together [At Central Florida], so it's cool that after we both played together, and we each kind of had our first season this past year together, to be able to hang out and do these kind of things. With him, he has a little more stuff going on as far as media events and engagements, so it was cool to be able to experience that together, meeting some guys like Hines Ward as well, to see Mike Haynes there as well, a former Raider and Hall of Famer, to chat it up with him; it was all pretty cool."

Q: For you now going forward, what are you focusing on? What has your offseason been like?

Murray:"The main thing is, I've been just resting, making sure I go out and break a little sweat every now and then, but now I'm about to be in California on Sunday and I'm going to get back there and start hitting it pretty hard."

Q: What have you heard about Coach Del Rio? Have you talked to any of the guys about what he brings to the table?

Murray:"I've heard a lot of good things about him. Even the few people today that I was talking to said what a good guy he is and how we should be excited. I'm definitely excited to get it going with him and just kick this season off the right way."

Q: Can you take any of the positives that you guys had down the stretch and carry them over to next year, or is it the kind of situation where you just wipe the slate clean?

Murray:"We take the momentum we had at the end of the season and just try to build off that and try to build off that in the offseason. Definitely with the ability that we know we have, we take that into the season."

Q: So what has been the coolest thing for you about being down in Arizona seeing the Super Bowl festivities?

Murray:"I guess just the fact that this is it. This is where every football player dreams of going and to be a part of. Not only be a part of it, but to be playing, so it's motivation for me."

Q: Looking forward, how excited are you to be a part of the future of this team with guys like Derek Carr and the rest of the young core?

Murray:"I'm very excited. I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm excited about competing again next year to be the guy. I'm just excited about the opportunity and what I know we're capable of doing."

Q: If you had one thing to say to Raider Nation, what would it be?

Murray:"That everyone in the building is working towards one goal, and that's to win games."

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