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Quarterback Derek Carr: "We Love Playing For Them"


Quarterback Derek Carr

It's hard to believe the 10th practice of training camp is in the books. The Oakland Raiders are inching closer to their first preseason game of 2017, set to take place Saturday at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., against the Arizona Cardinals. Following practice Wednesday, quarterback Derek Carr took the podium to touch on a variety of topics.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

Carr shared his continued amazement with the loyalty shown by Raider Nation.

"It's no surprise. It always makes me wonder how did they get out of work to get over here. That's our fans man. They're loyal. They're here. That's why we love them. That's why we love playing for them. I can't say it's a surprise because that's what we expect."

No. 4 talked about how tight end Jared Cook is able to create mismatches for defenses.

"He's a guy that creates the biggest mismatches because safeties typically aren't fast enough and good enough cover guys. Linebackers are too slow. You can't put a corner on him because he could just muscle you out of the way. He's an amazing matchup to have especially complimentary, once we get all of our pieces out there. I don't know the last time we had a practice where all our offense is really playing together. Once we're all out there and rolling together, that's going to be fun to see how much of a mismatch he has been."

The Raiders signal-caller commended rookie defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes on his energy level.

"Very explosive, great hands. He reminds me a lot of the way [Justin] Tuck can get skinny and shoot a gap. The way he plays with his hands, and if he gets beat the first time, he's going to counter again. If he gets beat then he's going to counter again. His mind never stops. His motor never stops. That kind of player inside with Bruce [Irvin] and Khalil [Mack] rushing the outside, it's going to be a problem. It really is. I'm really happy that we have and he didn't go to another AFC West team and let them add another pass rusher."

Carr broke down what makes wide receiver Michael Crabtree such a reliable target.

"He's got great hands. I don't know why. I think he probably makes it look a little more comfortable than I do the way he catches the ball sometimes. Honestly, we get along like brothers. We'll argue about something and then 30 seconds later talk about, 'Just throw me the ball,' kind of thing. It's just our relationship is so cool, so fun because we're the same. Super competitive. We both know how things should get done and how we want them done. I think that that's what brings the best out of us. I know I can rely on him no matter what."

In addition to Crabtree, he spoke about wide receiver Seth Roberts' work ethic.

"He puts in the extra work when nobody is watching. He studies his stuff, and he asks me questions. He asks me all the time, 'Derek, how do you want this run? How do you want this thing done?' When we can be on the same page… Like we had a mishap today, me and Seth. We sat there, talked it out and then the next time we know exactly how we want to do it so we don't have that in a real game."

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