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Quarterback Derek Carr & Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson Talk Veteran Minicamp Day One


Quarterback Derek Carr & Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson

Derek Carr and Jordy Nelson are going to take some time to build a rapport, but the two appeared to be locked in during Day One of Veteran Minicamp Tuesday. The Oakland Raiders quarterback and wide receiver haven't spent much time together, but the duo is excited to develop together as the season goes on.

Following practice Tuesday, the pair of teammates both addressed media members at the podium.

Here are the quick hits from their media sessions:

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Derek Carr

No. 4 talked about the impact Head Coach Jon Gruden's made early on.

"Man, it's awesome. I've known him now for like four or five years. I'll say this: He's never changed. He's been the same guy all the time with me. He's hard on me. He pushes me. He challenges me. It's everything I want, because it's everything I do for myself. I challenge myself. At the same time, he'll tell me, 'I love you, man,' so you know how he feels about you. When he pushes you, you don't care because you want to do anything for him. You want to go through a wall for him. I think our whole team feels like that. You can feel a little bit of difference around him. It's really cool."

He spoke about the chemistry he's building with wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

"It's fun because when I was in college, I would watch Aaron [Rodgers] play all the time. I'd try to have some of the same mannerisms, getting it out quick, stuff like that. Now listening to the mental side of things, how they worked together and him coming up to me and saying, 'Hey what do you think about this, or this depth,' learning that stuff has been really cool. Getting on the same page. For the first day, we were on the same page but there were a couple that we missed. That's just us saying 'I thought you were doing this' but that's the fun part. That's the growth process."

Carr is pleased to have running back Marshawn Lynch still in the fold.

"I think our whole team is. Any time we can keep a guy like Marshawn, who is not only a great football player, he's a great teammate, he's a good friend. He's someone that does so much for our community here in Oakland. There's nothing wrong. Those are all plusses. To have him here, it fired me up."

Jordy Nelson

The former Kansas State Wildcat shared his first impressions of Amari Cooper.

"I think the first thing that stands out is just how explosive he is. You can see that just when we're working out. Obviously, I've been able to see him play the last two years – very explosive. But, in the film room, smart guy. I'll learn more as we get going obviously. We haven't honestly been in individual rooms that much. We've been more as an offense learning everything."

Nelson, similar to Carr, enjoys the energy level his new head coach brings to practice.

"It's great. The energy level that he brings is amazing. And somehow I think he's consistent with it day-in and day-out, which is pretty impressive. That's fun and I think we'll feed off of that. I think that's kind of why we're successful today and our tempo and what we were able to accomplish today, because he's bringing the energy and it feeds down to the rest of us."

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