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Quick Hits: Carr Appears On Air With 95.7 The Game's J.T. The Brick


Quarterback Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders pulled out a close one Sunday as they defeated the San Diego Chargers, 34-31, at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Following the game Raiders quarterback Derek Carr appeared on 95.7 The Game with J.T. The Brick to discuss the team's 4-1 start. The Silver and Black will be tasked with facing another division opponent in the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday.

Here are the quick hits from Carr's time on air:

**The third-year quarterback shared his thoughts on his slow start during Sunday's game.


"That first quarter I started out so slow, that was my fault, no one else's. That was on me, the first couple drives I just wasn't myself. I was too amped up, I get so excited for theses division games. I've still got to do a better job of learning to keep it calm, the way I have been. Finally, I got back to my senses and we were able to move the ball a little bit. I told the guys, 'that was completely on me and I've got to do a better job performing at the beginning.'"

Carr talked about his 64-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper and their ability to do more.

"They were giving us some looks where we could get him the ball, and you've got to take advantage of those looks when we get him. This game against San Diego we were able to, and so that's a really good thing for our team. That's a really good thing for him, to obviously get in the end zone. We were wanting that, and like you said we talked about it. We probably left two or three more out there, and whenever we get those opportunities we have to capitalize."

He discussed the team's current record and is grateful, but feels as though the team is capable of much more.

"We're 4-1 and we've got to be thankful that, we have to absolutely be thankful that we are 4 and 1. We haven't even scratched the surface yet, there's so much more out there for us. It's not frustrating, because it's a great thing. You mean to tell me, 'as long as we're working hard and getting better that we can get better as a team?' That's a great feeling to have, but the thing is we've got to go out and do it in practice, in the training room, and in the weight room, and in the film room. I know that we will."

**Carr spoke about the support Raider Nation provided during Sunday's game and the overwhelming noise.


"It definitely was, when we hit that go ahead touchdown and the defense went back out there, that was the loudest I've heard it since I've been here in my three years. And that's something we were talking about as a family yesterday, 'I can't believe how loud it was.' That's our fans man, that's Raider Nation coming out and being the home field advantage for us."

He acknowledged that next week's home game against the Kansas City Chiefs is a big one, and the team needs to be ready.

"Huge test for us, and that's the thing, that's the mindset. We've won four games, it feels good and all those things, but we have earned absolutely nothing. We are nowhere near our goals, we've got a long season ahead of us. We've got to stay focused, we're getting a team we haven't beaten in two years, coming to our place. That's a big deal, that's a huge deal, they had our number last year, they beat us twice and that's what they earned. We can't sit here and look at records and pat ourselves on the back, we're playing a team we have not beat."

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