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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Praises Raider Nation For Support


Quarterback Derek Carr

After knocking off the San Diego Chargers Sunday 19-16, the Oakland Raiders chalked up their 11th win of the season and secured a spot in the playoffs. For the first time in 14 years, the Silver and Black will be returning to the post-season and to talk about the achievement quarterback Derek Carr chimed in on 95.7 The GAME Monday morning.

The Raiders signal-caller reflected on Sunday's performance and touched on a couple of topics with radio host J.T. the Brick. Following the victory, here are the quick hits from his time on the air.

Carr discussed what it was like to have Raider Nation show up in abundance at Qualcomm Stadium to support the team.

"It was flat out amazing, to go into somebody else's building and see it covered in Silver and Black that's something right there. Because like you said, I felt like it was upwards of 90 percent Raiders fans and that's unheard of at any sports venue. To go into and see that many of the opposing team's fans take over a stadium, we know that every time we go down there we're going to have the majority, but to have the mass majority that we did was flat out unbelievable."

No. 4 recapped Sunday's game and what the Chargers were able to do defensively against them.

"We hit some intermediate throws, some 15-20-yarders, that we knew would be there because teams are going to try and take the deep ball away as much as they can against us. We did hit Crabtree on a little go-route down in the red zone for a touchdown. For the most part teams are going to try their best to take that away and make us be patient."

He shared his thoughts on linebacker Bruce Irvin and expressed he's been a fan for a long time.

"When he was in college and coming out in the draft I was a huge fan of his, so I've been keeping up with him forever. I have a group of people that I like, I like the way they play, I like their game, and he was one of them. So I always kept up with him, always watched him play, and when I knew we had the opportunity to get him I was trying to text him, get on Twitter trying to message him, all those things. I was able to talk to him and all those things, trying to make sure he was going to come here."

**Carr said that when the defense is firing on all cylinders it gives the team confidence and lets it know it can be effective.


"It lets us know that we can go through things and make some damage, we can cause some damage. You only win championships… and I know this best by running the football, being efficient in the passing game, and playing really, really good defense. There's no secret to that, I understand that, as much as I like to throw the ball and all those things, I understand what it takes. For that to be happening, I'm really fired up."

He talked about the upcoming matchup with the Indianapolis Colts and facing off against quarterback Andrew Luck.

"They have to do certain things and we're the next team in their way. To be honest with you, they're the next team that's in our way. We have a lot more plans and goals, so we're never going to take the defensive route. We're going to stay on it, we're going to stay true to our process. I played Andrew [Luck] in high school, back in Houston in the playoffs, I've played against him so I know how great of a player he is."

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