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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Talks Rehab, Commitment To Excellence Award


Quarterback Derek Carr

Friday morning, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr chimed in on 95.7 the Game to talk with radio host J.T. the Brick about the offseason, and what he's excited about in 2017. The Fresno State-product discussed what it's been like trying to change the culture surrounding the Raiders and is ready for more of the same in 2017.

Here are the quick hits from his time on the air:

Carr shared what it's been like going through the rehab process as he recovers from his leg injury.

"I think mentally you have to stay engaged. You have to understand some days are going to be quicker than others. Meaning, some days you're going to have a big jump forward, some days it's going to be a little jump. As long as you keep the right mindset. And make sure everything, each and every day, is going forward then you're going to get healthy a lot faster."

No. 4 talked about the current free agency market, and how the Raiders have a slew of talented players already on the roster.

"I think for so long, our fans were looking forward to free agency. They were sitting there chomping at the bit, couldn't wait for it, all the way up until probably this year… 'Man, who can we add this time? Who's the next piece? Who's this? Can we get this guy?' Now, Reggie [McKenzie], our front office, and Coach Del Rio and everybody has done such a good job of adding talent, maybe through the draft or free agency leading up to this. We have a solid team; now we just need a couple pieces."

**He expressed his gratitude to be named the recipient of this year's Commitment To Excellence Award.


"That is such an honor to me, that my peers, my teammates, would think of me in that light. The same way I voted for other guys, that's why I voted for 'C-Wood' [Charles Woodson]. Then you started naming, I can't even tell you how many Hall of Famers you just started naming who have won the award. The legacy that they left with their name on that plaque, it blows my mind, it's kind of surreal to me. I'm extremely grateful and thankful, because it's such a storied franchise."

Looking ahead, Carr is anxious to get back on the field and lead the Silver and Black in 2017.

"I'm ready to fight, I think that's the best way to say it. I'm ready to go, I'm so ticked off the way things left off. I know we won 12 games, I know we went to the playoffs for the first time in however many years, but I was not satisfied because we lost our last game. I don't make predictions, I don't do anything like that, I just show up, I compete my tail off, and I try and win football games."

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