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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Talks Relationship With Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing


Quarterback Derek Carr

Following Memorial Day weekend, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was back to work with the rest of his teammates Tuesday for the second week of OTAs [Organized Team Activities]. After the team's practice Tuesday, Carr met with the local media to recap the day's efforts.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Carr shared a little bit about offensive coordinator Todd Downing's style, and how he's working out the kinks during OTAs.

"What's really cool is he wants me to be an extension of him on the field. I'm still trying to work through how he wants me to do it, exactly how he wants it. I'm trying to do a better job of not doing too much with all the leeway he's given me. The first four days, even today, I'm catching myself doing a little too much. It's perfect learning. That's why I love OTAs. It's the perfect time to get those kinks ironed out. I had to tell him today sorry, I shouldn't have done that. He continues to encourage me and say, 'That's why we're doing it now.' It's great learning opportunity, but for him and I, it will be his brain doing all the work."

No. 4 opened up about the bond he shares with Downing, and the trust they have with one another.

"T.D. has been like a big brother since I've met him. He's family. Him and I, we just really click. We think the same way. Whenever he has a thought or I have a thought, it's pretty much like, 'Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.' He works so hard so I'm just trying not to screw it up. The more that we continue to sit together and talk and go through practices and have learning moments like today, the more we're going to flow and the easier it's going to be."

He talked about the support from the running back corps, including Marshawn Lynch, who he's been comfortable with since Day One.

"I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have my back. Right away, I could just feel it from him. There was no feeling-out process or anything. I just knew. He's told me multiple times that he does. To have that as a quarterback is big because he's the last line of defense picking up blitzes, he's the one fighting for extra yards to move the chains for us. He's just a loyal guy. I think that as long as you're just you and you're not a fake person, I don't see how he would have a problem with anybody."

**Carr discussed how the addition of tight end Jared Cook will create matchup problems with defenses.


"With a guy like Jared that can stretch the field vertically like that, it's going to lead to more single coverage outside for 'Coop' [Amari Cooper] and 'Crab' [Michael Crabtree]. It's going to lead to more one-on-ones for Seth [Roberts]. The possibilities are endless when you add a guy at that position that has that much speed vertically. The things you can do with him really put a lot of stress on the defense."

As far as his contract extension goes, Carr remains focused on doing whatever he can to help this team get better right now.

"There's nothing new to report right now. I'm hoping those things pick up here real soon which we're expecting anyway.* *They've been talking to Tim, my agent, and things like that. That should get going real soon, I would hope. Once training camp hits, I'm all football. I'm not going to distract my teammates and you guys are going to want to know and all that, but trust me, if it's not done by training camp, we won't be talking about it. I'm focused on football. Again, I just want to win."

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