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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Talks With Dan Patrick About His Progression


Quarterback Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in 2016, and following the Raiders' win on Sunday, he talked on air with television and radio host Dan Patrick about a variety of topics. Carr shared his thoughts on Head Coach Jack Del Rio's trust in the team and his belief that this team can go to another level. The Raiders have a lot of things they want to improve on, but are certainly happy with their record so far.

Here are the quick hits from Carr's time on air:

**The Fresno State-product shared a conversation that he had with former Raiders safety Charles Woodson, and how it's helped him.


"I remember 'C-Wood' would always tell me, 'experience is the biggest thing in this league.' All the games I've played, all the blitzes I've seen, coverages; you just have so much more experience now in my third year, than I did when I was a rookie, and that's what slows the game down for you."

Prior to the muffed snap on the Chargers final field goal attempt, Carr was already preparing for the Raiders' offensive drive.

"I'm thinking about the two-minute drive, honestly. I was praying, was hoping they'd miss it, but I'll take a fumbled snap, that's just as good. So I went from, 'okay they're going to play these certain coverages in two-minute, and with the way the game's going they might do this,' and then they fumble the snap and that went out the door.

He jokingly talked about his relationship with former Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck, and how he'd tease him in order to motivate him.

"Justin Tuck was the best, and he played with David [Carr] in New York and he'd always say, 'hey you know your brother's a lot more jacked than you.' He'd tell me that every time we were in the weight room, he'd do it just to motivate me and push me, but so I'll always show him a picture like that just to make him laugh."

**Carr discussed what it's like to play with Del Rio as his coach, and how his trust in the team fuels them.


"He's tough, he's gritty, he trusts, he's very faithful, and very loyal to us. That's something as players that's something that we love, he trusts us to execute when the game is on the line and it powers our whole offense when he shows us that kind of trust. It's a really cool thing he sees that in us, and trusts us to get those things done."

He expressed that he's beginning to understand Del Rio's thought process and that he's learning to think like him.

"It's so funny, I'm starting to think just like him. There were a couple times in the game we were fourth and short, we obviously had to take the points. Late in the game, I was already thinking, 'he's going to let us go for this,' and I looked at him and he waved to the kicker, he waved 'Bass' [Sebastian Janikowski] off, and pointed and said, 'go for it.' I just started smiling and just walked back to the huddle, and was ready to get the play."

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