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Quick Hits: General Manager Reggie McKenzie Talks Extension


General Manager Reggie McKenzie

Last night, Raiders' owner Mark Davis announced that the organization had signed General Manager Reggie McKenzie to a four-year contract extension.

Since joining the Silver and Black, McKenzie has rebuilt the team's roster from the ground up, and turned the team into a viable contender in the AFC West.

Saturday morning, McKenzie spoke with a select group of media and discussed his new deal.

Here are the key takeaways from his media availability.

This wasn't a spur of the moment decision made by Mr. Davis, McKenzie was a part of the big picture all along.

"During draft time MD [Mark Davis] came to me and said he wants to keep me on board. We talked some things over, and eventually got it done."

McKenzie also voiced his gratefulness for Mr. Davis' support since he took over as general manager.

"It's a great feeling. I mean, when you get a hand pat on the back, any time people recognize the job that you're doing, it's good work, no matter what it's a sense of accomplishment."

**McKenzie's plan has always been focused on the big picture, and he knew that it was going to take time to develop.


"It wasn't going to be a quick fix; I'm not into quick fixes. Like I always said, it was a process, and it worked the way we kind of planned. I still haven't had a winning season, but we feel good about the direction it's going. We feel good about this upcoming season and it starts with the players. The ultimate goal is that we want to hold up the trophy."

He also made sure to acknowledge his staff and the work they have put in with him.

"They've done great, I'm going to tell you. We've got a good mix of some veterans with some Raiders' background, the continuity and the chemistry that makes my job easier. I think I've got a really good staff."

McKenzie is making it a priority to retain players like quarterback Derek Carr and defensive end Khalil Mack going forward.

"The plan is to keep the good players, like I said. Definitely want to keep our really good players. I've been planning for those type players. Y'all can come beat me across the head if I let some big time Hall-of-Fame type player leave this building."

McKenzie made it clear that the team would rally behind linebacker Aldon Smith and support him.

"We're going to support, our deal is to support Aldon from a standpoint of the person. Whether he comes back to us or not, it has no bearing. We told him from Day 1, we care more about you than the player. So, whatever he does to ensure his health, we're going to stand behind him."

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