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Quick Hits: Marshawn Lynch Talks Playing In Front Of His Hometown


Running back Marshawn Lynch

The Oakland Raiders kicked off their last week of Organized Team Activities Monday and were back to work Tuesday another day of field work. Following practice, members of the media assembled to ask questions to running back Marshawn Lynch and safety Reggie Nelson. Both are veterans in the league and have experienced a lot in their time; here are some of the best tidbits from their media sessions.

**Running back Marshawn Lynch:


Lynch expressed what it means to him to play for his hometown.

"It's always been something, being from Oakland you want to play at home, and have the opportunity. Maybe them [the Raiders] staying wouldn't have been such a big thing for me to come and want to play. Knowing that they was leaving, a lot of the kids probably won't have an opportunity to see most of their idols growing up being in the hometown no more. With me being from here, and continuing to be here, it gives them an opportunity that they get to see somebody that actually did it from where they from, and for the team they probably idolize."

No. 24 continued on to speak about the importance of playing in front of his community.

"The way we feel about where we from and why we represent where we from hard is because we know what the struggle is, and how we get down. So every home game I get to come to this [expletive] I'm probably going to be riding with the whole town."

Safety Reggie Nelson:

**As an 11-year veteran in the NFL, Nelson is doing what he can to help groom the Raiders rookies into pros.


"I'm enjoying it man, great talent around, and competing. Bringing the young guys along, and doing what's asked, I think they're doing a great job of what the coach is asking them to do. It's just been a great add on to this team to help us win games this year."

He talked about the progression of second-year safety Karl Joseph, and his growth as a player.

"He always had the work [ethic]. He played one year, that first year is always hard, so I mean it's going to be hard on the quarterbacks now they know how he plays. So he's going to have to change up a lot of things and show them different [things] than last year. He just got to continue to grow, I think all of us got growth to do around here, we just can't wait to get after it."

With so much talent around him, Nelson is relishing the opportunity to compete at a high level.

"It's going to do a lot for the group, everybody is stepping up their game. I mean, it is what it is; you're out here to compete and keep a job. Like I said, the league gets younger and younger each year, and you should be concerned. You got to compete if you want to play, nothing is going to be handed to you."

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