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Quick Hits: Norton, Jr., Preparing Raiders To Face Falcons Offense


Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., talked to the media before practice Thursday afternoon, and discussed preparing for a high-powered Atlanta Falcons offense. After facing a future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees last week, Norton shared what the team learned from the game, and how they'll improve going forward.

Let's take a look at the quick hits from his presser:

Norton was open about how the team performed last week, and what they'll take away.

"We made some mistakes and I think every game you're looking for improvement. Guys have to continue, coaches have to continue to get better, defend better and I think each time we go out we'll make improvement. At the same time, it is Drew Brees on the road and he makes great decisions and he's really good. And, we have to match that 'really good,' with 'even better,' to shut a guy like that out."

He said cornerback Sean Smith has moved on from Sunday's game, and has learned from it.

"The position at corner, you have to have a really short memory. Learn from it, it's over. You win some days and you learn on other days. I'm sure he's learned a lot, and now he's on to the next game."

Norton spoke about Keith McGill II changing from cornerback to safety.

"Well, Keith is doing a really good job. He's really studying, he's really competing. He's really taking to this new position. He's long, he's fast, he's strong, all the things, he's very athletic and he's making plays."

**He emphasized the importance of improving, and being obsessed with getting better.


"The whole group. I think the D-line knows and defenses know that everything starts up front and they worked their tails off. Bruce [Irvin] had a good game last week and Khalil [Mack], you know, he's very capable and the young guys coming up have really shown up. We like our group and I think again, it's about improvement, being obsessed with improving."

Norton ended the presser by noting his relationship with his former Seattle Seahawks colleague Dan Quinn.

"Exciting. Dan and I spent a lot of late nights drawing up defenses and learning defenses and learning the scheme together. It'll be a good challenge to go against him."

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