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Quick Hits: Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Begins Prep For Indianapolis Colts


Quarterback Derek Carr

The NFL season has reached Week 16, which means teams are fighting for playoff spots and the chance to win the division. For the Oakland Raiders, they've successfully clinched a playoff spot, but are still focused on trying to come out on top of the AFC West. The Silver and Black currently lead the division with a record of 11-3, but face a tough opponent in the Indianapolis Colts this Saturday.

Tuesday afternoon, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr shared his thoughts on the upcoming game and reflected on some past experiences facing off against Colts signal-caller Andrew Luck. Heading into the Week 16 matchup, here's a look at the quick hits from Carr's media session:

No. 4 talked about playing against Luck in high school, and what he recalls from watching him at  a young age.

"Man, I remember their fans chanting Carr sucks. (laughter) I remember we ended up winning the game, I remember that, barely. I remember him just running all over us. I remember he ran over somebody and I was like, 'Quarterbacks can do that?' You know? I just remember him being super talented."

Carr noted that the Colts are still fighting for a playoff spot, and he is expecting them to put up a fight  Saturday.

"Oh yeah, that's why after the game I was so focused on Indianapolis because they have to win out to make the playoffs. So, they have their back against the wall and we know we've had our back against the wall a couple times. We're going to come out and fight. So, you have to expect that when they come in."

The Raiders gunslinger discussed the competitiveness of the NFL, and how every team is difficult to play.

"Yeah, we've won a lot that are close. So, that's how crazy this league is. Sometimes you're going to win them, sometimes you're not and that's why I never look at somebody's record and say, 'That's who they are.' Because, you turn the film on and you're like, 'These guys are rolling right now.' The game that they just had against Minnesota, they're hitting in all facets of the game. You turn the film on and you see what kind of team they are, you know that their backs are against the walls so they're going to fight and you just come out expecting their very best shot."

Carr spoke about the team's efficiency in the red zone, and where they can improve.

"To be honest, especially the last two weeks, we played two good defenses, you know? Obviously, we had our plays that we could have made and should have made and I think that it just comes down to we didn't do a good job of making those plays, to be honest. On third down, they got us off the field and we kicked field goals. Which is good, you always want the points. But, anytime we can get the touchdowns, obviously that's what we want."

He shared how grateful he is to have skilled players around him to make his job as a quarterback easier.

"It's so nice to have guys [that are skilled]. We've seen our running backs, our tight ends make explosive yards, explosive gains for us. So, if people try and take away one person with two or with putting their best guy on somebody and things like that, it only opens up opportunities for other guys and we have a lot of good other guys."

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